Registration and Payment

Our Application Process Includes:

  • Flexible Schedule Options
  • Financial Aid
  • Payment Policy
  • Refund Policy

Payment Options

Front-end Coaching Intensive Only (If Virtual) = $8,700 
Front-end Coaching Intensive Only (If In-person Residential) = $10,600 
Front-end Coaching Intensive Only (If In-person Daily/Commuter) = $10,000

In-Person/ Virtual

Front-end Coaching Intensive ($10,600), Practicum ($2,300), and Advanced Coach Intensive ($10,600) = $23,500 
  • Option 1: Non-Refundable Deposit $1,000 to reserve seating. Pay remaining balance by 15 business days before the start of the program.
  • Option 2: Pay in Full.


Front-end Coaching Intensive ($8,700), Practicum ($2,300), and Advanced Coach Intensive ($8,700) = $19,700

Registration requires completing the following: 

1) Payment with a credit card or check (no wire transfers)

a) Pay with a credit card for the Front-End Coaching or Advanced Coaching Intensive or the Field-based Practicum. Scroll to the bottom of any of these pages and click on the "Make Credit Card Payment" link in the blue box.
*Please note that you cannot pay for the Practicum or Advance Coaching Intensive until you have successfully completed the Front-end Coaching Intensive.
b) Pay with a check by sending it to: Teachers College, The Columbia Coaching Certification Program, 525 W 120th St., Attention: Terrence Maltbia, Box 50, New York, NY 10027. Make it payable to "Teachers College, Tax ID #: 13-1624202. 

2) Filling out the online application

a) Complete Part 1 of the application (do not press submit button yet)
b) If you would like to complete the entire certification program, Part 2 of the application is not due until later in the program and is not required at this point. After completing Part 2, you can press the submit button on the application. 
c) Individuals who have completed a bachelor's degree are eligible to apply to the coaching program.

Note: Cost of the programs vary and can be found on the right sidebar of each program page or on the "Program Offerings" page. 

  1. Complete the Coaching Intensive only and receive a Certificate of Completion (not Certification) for this program.

    The Coach Intensives are open enrollment programs available to all interested participants. Upon completion, participants receive a Certificate of Completion from Teachers College and Columbia Business School Executive Education.

  2. Complete the entire program and receive Certification from the Columbia Coaching Certification Program. 
    1. Register and apply to the Certification Program (Front-end Coaching Intensive)  
      • Acceptance to the Certification Program is based on your Application and performance in the Coach Intensive -- you will be notified about acceptance at the end of the Coach Intensive
    2. Complete the Coach Intensive (Front-end Coaching Intensive)
    3. Upon notification of acceptance to the Columbia Coaching Certification Program, register for the Front-end Coaching Intensive
    4. Register for the Practicum 
    5. Upon completion of the Coaching Practicum, apply and participate in the Advanced Coach Intensive.
    6. Complete the Advanced Coaching Intensive (includes graduation coach demonstration and a written certification exam)
  3. Participation contributing to The Certificate in Business Excellence from Columbia Business School Executive Education

    The Front-end Coaching Intensive can lead (the first 5 of 18 days) to the Certificate in Business Excellence at Columbia Business School. For more information click here.

We have designed the Certification Program with your busy schedule in mind and although the Program is generally completed over the course of 7-8 months, you may extend the completion period if needed. See examples below:

Sample Completion Timeline
8 Months  

Complete the Front-end Coaching Intensive in the Spring

Complete 8-10 months of Practicum in the Summer and Fall

Complete the Advanced Coaching Intensive in the Winter


Complete the Front-end Coaching Intensive in the Spring

Complete 8-10 months of Practicum in the Summer and Fall

Complete the Advanced Coaching Intensive in the following Summer


We want to help you successfully complete the program, feel free to contact us with any questions 1-212-678-8240.

The Columbia Coaching Certification Program does not offer any type of aid in the form of scholarships or grants because it is a certificate program. Please contact Teachers College's Financial Aid Department to discuss other possibilities for financing your education, such as loans. 

Contact information
Phone: 212-678-3714

  1. Participants may reserve a seat prior to 30 days before the start of an intensive program (FECI, ACI) with a non-refundable $1,000 deposit.
  2. All participants must pay in full 15 business days prior to the start of each of the intensive programs.
  3. Participants registering within 30 days of the start of an intensive program must pay the full tuition charge of that intensive program at that time.

All notification of withdrawals, transfers, and substitutions must be sent in writing to The Columbia Coaching Certification Program. Full refunds can be obtained up to 30 days before the program start date. Due to the costs incurred for program preparation and administration, any cancellations or requests for transfers or deferrals received 30 days or less from the program start are subject to cancellation and administrative fees as described below.

  • 30 days or more notice: 0% of Tuition for Cancellation – $50 Administrative Fee & $1,000 non-refundable deposit
  • 14 to 29 days notice: 30% of Tuition for Cancellation – $50 Administrative Fee (Note: The $1,000 non-refundable deposit is already factored into the 30% of tuition amount listed. For example, if you paid tuition of $10,000, your refund would be for $6,950 if you cancel. Similarly, if you opt to defer your participation, your penalty for deferment in this time period would be an additional $3,050 in tuition going forward.)
  • 13 days or less notice: 50% for Tuition for Cancellation – $50 Administrative Fee (Note: The $1,000 non-refundable deposit already is factored into the 50% of tuition amount listed as listed in the second bullet point above.)

The Columbia Coaching Certification Program, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to limit enrollments regardless of acceptance status. Individuals who have paid tuition but who are deemed ineligible to participate due to such enrollment limitations will receive a refund.

Substitutions: All participant substitutions are subject to the sole discretion of The Columbia Coaching Certification Program. Requests must be submitted in advance and will be reviewed on an individual basis, based on participant qualifications and lead time needed for any program pre-work.

Deferment: Deferment requests must indicate the new dates and/or new program the participant wishes to attend. Transfers are valid only within one fiscal year of the original program start date.

Refunds: Any remaining balance of a cancelled program's payment can be applied to another Columbia Coaching Certification program within one year of the program date. After one year, the balance is nonrefundable.*

Full tuition is nonrefundable under these conditions:

  1. The registrant or substitute does not enroll in another program within one year** of the original start date, and/or
  2. The registrant or substitute defers or transfers more than two times.

*Columbia Coaching Certification Program is not responsible for travel or related costs under any circumstances. Participants may want to consider purchasing trip cancellation insurance in the unlikely event that a program is cancelled or they cannot attend for personal or professional reasons.

**For any program with more than two iterations in an enrollment year, tuition is nonrefundable after 2nd transfer.

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