(S) Presentations in Seminar on Chinese Education at Teachers College

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(S) Presentations in Seminar on Chinese Education at Teachers College

NumberAuthor/ CoauthorsTitleView and Download
S-1* Beemer, H.
(February 1, 2001)
Educational development in China's West (in English) [Beemer, H.,PowerPoint Presentation and Summary note taken by a doctoral student on the seminar]   
S-2* Tsang, M.
(March 8, 2001)
School choice in People's Republic of China (same as item B-1) (in English)  [Tsang, M.]   
S-3*  D. Bruce Johnstone and Preeti Shroff-Mehta
(November 8, 2001) 
Higher Education Finance and Accessibility: An International Comparative Examination of Tuition and Financial Assistance Policies. (in English) [D. Bruce Johnstone]  PDF
S-4*  D. Bruce Johnstone
(November 8, 2001) 
Response to Austerity: The Imperatives and Limitations of Revenue Diversification in Higher Education (in English) [D. Bruce Johnstone, ]  PDF
S-5*  D. Bruce Johnstone
(November 8, 2001) 
Student Loans in International Perspective: Promises and Failures, Myths and Partial Truths (in English) [D. Bruce Johnstone]  PDF
S-6*  Min, Weifang 
(January 24, 2002) 
Economic Transition and Higher Education Reform in China [Weifang Min.]  PDF
S-7* Ruth Hayhoe
(April 25, 2002)
A cultural approach to research on Chinese education: the quest of a comparative educator [Ruth Hayhoe.] PDF
s-8* Tu, Weiming
(October 31, 2002)
The Ecological Turn in New Confucian Humanism: Implications for China and the World. [Tu Weiming.] PDF
s-9* Hou, Xi (November 21, 2003) Issues and Challenges in University Research Development & Technology Transfer in China [Hou Xi.] PDF
s-10* Min, Weifang (April 20, 2006) Economic Transition and Personnel Reforms in China PowerPoint
s-11* Tsang, Mun Improving Minority Compulsory Education in Yunnan, China: Challenges and Policies PDF
s-12* Tao, Xiping Non-governmental Education in China PDF
s-13* Zhou, Mansheng(April, 2010) Explanation of the Outline for the Long- and Medium-term Programme on Education Reform and Development of China PPT
s-14* Luo, Chongmin(October, 2010) Triple Values of Education for Life, Survival and Living PDF
s-15* Yuan, Liansheng (Nov., 2010) Educational Financing Policies in "The Chinese Long and Medium-term Programme on Education Reform and Development" PPT

Yang, Dongping(Dec., 2010)

An Empirical Study of Higher Education Admissions Opportunities in China PPT
s-17* Gu, Jiafeng (March, 2011) Spatial Recruiting Competition in Chinese Higher Education System PPT

Joshua Mok(April, 2011)

The Reorientation of Higher Education in China: The Rise of Transnational Higher Education and Challenges for Governance  PPT