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Community Language Program

Community Language Program

Teachers College, Columbia University

About Us

About the Community Language Program

The Community Language Program (CLP) at Teachers College, Columbia University, provides English and foreign language instruction to adult learners of diverse nationalities and backgrounds in the Columbia University and surrounding New York communities.

Why CLP?

  • Attend a language school you can afford
  • Choose from morning and night classes that fit your schedule
  • Work with teachers dedicated to academic excellence
  • Join a vibrant and diverse language learning community
  • Enjoy the cultural richness and diversity in New York City

What You Need to Know

  • Students must be 18 years of age or older
  • The CLP does not provide visa sponsorship or credits because it is a part-time, non-credit program
  • Class size is dependent on enrollment. The CLP reserves the right to cancel any classes due to low enrollment or other circumstances beyond its control
  • Students are only accepted during the designated registration periods
  • Students need to take the CLP placement test and will be placed into levels before the first day of instruction
  • Students are not permitted to register for and take more than three classes in one semester.
  • The CLP serves as an education lab school, where M.A. students in Applied Linguistics and in TESOL complete their practical teacher training. Also, at times, doctoral students and faculty in AL/TESOL conduct second language second language research in the CLP.

General Schedule

Fall: September-December (10 weeks)

Spring: February-April (10 weeks)

Summer: June-August (8 weeks) 


English as a Second Language (ESL)
60 hours - $450
Levels: Beginner 1-3; Elementary 1-3; Lower-Intermediate 1-3, Intermediate 1-3; Upper-Intermediate 1-3; Upper-Intermediate 1-3; Advanced 1-3
The course develops language proficiency on four skills (i.e. listening, speaking, reading, and writing), with attention to grammar and pronunciation.

ESL Pronunciation
30 hours - $400
Levels: all levels
This course focuses on areas of pronunciation for effective communication in English, including word endings, stress, rhythm, intonation, and thought groups; it also provides opportunities for pronunciation accuracy and fluency development through error analysis, online and class practice and reinforcement, and individualized teacher feedback

ESL Conversation
30 hours - $350
Levels: Intermediate, Advanced
The course develops appropriate conversation skills in a range of communication situations and builds up fluency in oral production through interactive tasks, role-plays, and presentations.

ESL Writing
30 hours - $350
Levels: Intermediate, Advanced
The course provides practice of writing academic and non-academic texts that are organized, developed, and coherent and focuses on various writing techniques and the use of multiple feedback from teachers and classmates to improve the writing process.

TOEFL Preparation
40 hours - $425
Lower-Intermediate to Advanced students are eligible
The course develops four-skill abilities to address both the independent and integrated tasks and teaches test-taking strategies to enhance TOEFL iBT performance and improve test scores.

Spanish Beginner
40 hours - $375
Levels: Beginner 1-3
The course develops beginner-level Spanish language proficiency on four skills (i.e. listening, speaking, reading, and writing) and cultural awareness

*Please note that these courses are non-academic. See the full description of each courses by clicking on the links above.