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The SWG Project now offers the first New York State approved certificate program of its kind - a world-renowned training ground for the next generation of educators, researchers, practitioners, administrators, and activists interested in learning the next wave of theories and practices to improve the well-being for LGBTQ individuals and women.

With the recent movements in LGBTQ rights, ongoing efforts to better serve women in the workplace, and the World Health Organization declaring Violence Against Women to be epidemic, there is no better time than the present to graduate with the certificate in Sexuality, Women and Gender in Psychology and Education. Its mission is to promote learning through pedagogy; provide intensive research, mentorship and production; and apply gender and sexuality theories in practice. The Sexuality, Women, and Gender in Psychology and Education Certificate program will promote the trans-disciplinary dialogues needed to solve complex, real-world problems across all areas including Education, Counseling & Clinical Psychology, Public Health, Gender and Queer Studies, Reproductive Psychiatry, Sociology, and Law among others.

This specialized training will train future leaders in topics relevant to sexuality, women and gender; increase awareness and understanding of multiple oppressions experienced by these populations; provide research and clinical training to professionals interested in serving these marginalized populations and create liaisons between various professionals as they provide services to these underserved groups.

Visit the Sexuality, Women, & Gender Project website for more information.

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Admissions Information

Displaying requirements for the Spring 2024, Summer 2024, and Fall 2024 terms.

Advanced Certificate

  • Points/Credits: 12
  • Entry Terms: Spring, Summer, Fall

Application Deadlines

Entry Term AvailablePriority DeadlinesFinal DeadlinesExtended Deadlines
SpringNovember 15, 2023November 15, 2023N/A
SummerMarch 1, 2024March 1, 2024N/A
FallJuly 1, 2024July 1, 2024N/A

Select programs remain open beyond our standard application deadlines, such as those with an extended deadline or those that are rolling (open until June or July). If your program is rolling or has an extended deadline indicated above, applications are reviewed as they are received and on a space-available basis. We recommend you complete your application as soon as possible as these programs can close earlier if full capacity has been met.

Application Requirements

 Online Degree Application, including Statement of Purpose and Resume
 Transcripts and/or Course-by-Course Evaluations for all Undergraduate/Graduate Coursework Completed
 Results from an accepted English Proficiency Exam (if applicable)
 $75 Application Fee
 Two (2) Letters of Recommendation

Requirements from the TC Catalog (AY 2023-2024)

Displaying catalog information for the Fall 2023, Spring 2024 and Summer 2024 terms.

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‌The Sexuality, Women, and Gender Certificate is the first program of its kind approved by New York State. The certificate combines 12 points of specialized curricular requirements, a research project, and a semester-long volunteer/service experience to help you increase your competencies.

Join educators, researchers, practitioners, and activists dedicated to enhancing the well-being of LGBTQ individuals and women.


Program Tracks and Courses

Starting this semester, students can either opt for the general certificate program or a more specialized curriculum by having a focused plan of study. The different foci of the certificate are:

A. General Focus

The certificate's required classes are CCPJ 4180 LGBTQ Issues in Psychology and Education and CCPX 4125 Women and Mental Health (original program of study as approved by NY State). 

B. Reproductive And Maternal Well-being Focus 

The certificate's core classes are CCPX 4125 Women and Mental Health and CCPX 4126 Mother Child Matrix.

C. LGBTQ Focus

The certificate's core classes are CCPJ 4180 LGBTQ Issues in Psychology and Education and CCPJ 4130 Transgender Issues in Counseling and Psychology. 


Students must take nine points (e.g., three classes) within Counseling and Clinical Psychology (CCP) and six points (e.g., two classes) outside of the Counseling and Clinical Psychology Department.  Additionally students should register for zero points of independent study for their semester-long practicum/fieldwork (see below).

The following are a list of approved courses that may be used for the certificate program. 

Counseling and Clinical Psychology (nine points, e.g., three classes)

  • CCPJ 4050  Microaggressions in Institutional Climates

  • CCPJ 4180  LGBT(Q) Issues in Psychology*

  • CCPJ 4030  Transgender Issues in Counseling and Psychology

  • CCPJ 4165  Consultation in Community Agencies and Resources

  • CCPJ 5164  Multicultural Perspective in Counseling and Psychology

  • CCPJ 4068  Counseling Women

  • CCPX 4125  Women and Mental Health*

  • CCPX 4126  The Mother-Child Matrix: Developmental and Clinical Implications

  • CCPX 4036  Psychology of Human Intimacy

* Denotes that this course is available in an online format.

Courses Outside CCP (six points, e.g., two classes)

The following list is not comprehensive and continues to expand and grow each semester. Be sure to check the course catalogue for updates.

  • HUDK 5123  Psychological Development of Women

  • HBSS 4122  Women’s Health

  • HBSS 4133  Human Sexuality Education*

  • HBSV 4011  Women and weight, eating problems and body image

  • C&T 4032  Gender Difference and Curriculum

  • ITSF 5008  Gender, education and international development

  • A&HB 4140  Latina Narratives

  • A&HF 4130  Gender & Violence (3)

Students should register for zero points of independent study, via either of these course codes, when they complete their semester long practicum/fieldwork volunteer:

  • CCPJ 6902  Independent Study (along with semester long practice/volunteer)

  • CCPX 4900  Independent Study (along with semester long practice/volunteer)

Research Project

Students completing the certificate program will also be required to complete a research project that increases their knowledge and awareness of a chosen domain of interest (as it pertains to sexuality, women and gender). Some examples of appropriate research project topics include: understanding the relationship between minority stress and attachment satisfaction of sexual minorities; the impact of gender discrimination on career satisfaction of women in male dominated professions; understanding the link between first generation female college students and academic self-efficacy; understanding marginalization faced by partners of transgender individuals. 

Semester Long Volunteer/Service Experience

The certificate program in Sexuality, Women and Gender is strongly committed to social justice and multiculturalism as it pertains to issues of equity and access for sexual and gender minorities and women. In the spirit of this commitment, all candidates for the certificate program will be expected to complete a semester long volunteer/service experience in an agency that serves the aforementioned populations.

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