T4 Help Guide

Help Guide

Legacy Template

Is your website created before our web refresh process in August 2018?

Follow our Legacy Template Tutorial, learn T4 and follow best practices!

A student takes an online course at Teachers College

Short Guides

View a collection of short guides on how to use key features in T4.

Available in PDF and Video format!

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Useful Tools

Add-ons and Extensions to our TerminalFour CMS

T4 Browser Extensions

This extension allows you to enhance your experience using TerminalFour Content Management System.

For example, adding instructional help texts to content edit interface, etc.

Faculty Profile Editor

Easily modify your own faculty profile, or manage the faculty profiles of your department/program with our newly released editor tool.

Catalog Editor

Modify the catalog information of your department/program with our Catalog Editor tool.

Visit the Canvas Catalog Editor Training Course via myTC!

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