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Scholarly Media exists in and across multiple mediums, including video, audio, immersive, and experimental forms. These genres organize Scholarly Media by purpose and audience, creating ease for explorers and demonstrating how media can be used to share or create conversation around findings and ideas.

Examples included are either created or curated by the Digital Futures Institute.

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Research Media

New media as scholarship, in forms such as peer-reviewed podcasts, audio documentary dissertations, video articles and more.
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In the Field

Conversations inside of and for a specific field of study. Podcasts, video series, or media recordings of live events or presentations.
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Scholarly perspectives in conversation with broader audiences. The ideal listener is clearly defined and centered both in format and content.
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Creators play with the forms of media themselves, stretching boundaries and breaking rules.
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Meta Media

Behind-the-scenes and showing their work: Producers archive and share process behind project for media makers of today and tomorrow.

DFI Featured Media

Becoming Tapestry: a podcast dissertation with Research genre icon
Fungitopia Exhibit photo of mushroom related objects on display on a wood table
How's School Logo with a radio tranmitter as Bridge Genre Icon
Pop and Play circle with In the Field Icon

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