Baez, Asheena A. (aab2193)

Asheena Aleana Baez


Office Location:

18 Russl

Office Hours:

By Appointment

Dr. Asheena Baez is the Chief Executive Officer of Asheena Baez Consulting LLC. An adjunct Professor at Columbia University, Russell Sage Doctoral Program Organizational Cultural Strategist, and Complex Systems Leadership and Wellbeing Consultant for the New York City Department of Education. Dr. Baez specializes in curating the conditions to create an intersectionality between organizational culture sustainability and indestructible wellbeing.  

She has devoted the last two decades of her life to leadership and organizational wellbeing transformation globally. Dr. Baez has led global teams in the education, corporate, and nonprofit sector in utilizing evidence-based mindful practices to cultivate psychological flexibility & emotional resilience, cultural transformation & sustainability as well as diversity, equity & inclusivity.

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