Cha, Christine B. (cbc2120)

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Cha, Christine
Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology
Counseling & Clinical Psychology

422M Thmps

Scholarly Interests

I apply principles from social and cognitive psychology to answer questions about suicide and self-injury. How can we more objectively assess suicide risk? Do certain patterns of thought place individuals at greater risk of suicide? How do cognitive and other types of risk factors vary between adolescents and adults? To answer these questions, I conduct research through laboratory experiments, hospital-based data collection, and meta-analyses.

Educational Background

Harvard University, Ph.D.

Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, Predoctoral Clinical Psychology Internship (Child Track)

Harvard University, M.A.

Wellesley College, B.A.

Selected Publications

Cha, C.B., Glenn, J.J., Deming, C.A., D'Angelo, E.J., Hooley, J.M., Teachman, B.A., & Nock, M.K. (in press). Examining potential iatrogenic effects of viewing suicide and self-injury stimuli. Psychological Assessment.

Glenn, C.R., Kleiman, E.M., Cha, C.B., Nock, M.K., & Prinstein, M.J. (in press). Implicit cognition about self-injury predicts actual self-injurious behaviors: Results from a longitudinal study of adolescents. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry.

Cha, C.B., Augenstein, T.M., Frost, K.H., Gallagher, K., D'Angelo, E.J., & Nock, M.K. (in press). Using implicit and explicit measures to predict nonsuicidal self-injury among adolescent inpatients. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Auerbach, R.P., Kim, J.C., Chango, J.M., Spiro, W.J., Cha, C.B., Esterman, M., Gold, J., & Nock, M.K. (2014). Adolescent nonsuicidal self-injury: Examining the role of child abuse, comorbidity, and disinhibition. Psychiatry Research, 220, 579-584.

Cha, C.B., & Nock, M.K. (2014). Suicidal and nonsuicidal self-injurious behaviors. In E.J. Mash & R.A. Barkley (Eds.), Child psychopathology (pp. 317-342). New York: The Guilford Press.

Nock, M.K., Deming, C.A., Cha, C.B., Chiu, W., Hwang, I., Sampson, N., & Kessler, R.C. (2012). Sociodemographic risk factors for suicidal behavior. In M.K. Nock, G. Borges, & Y. Ono (Eds), Suicide: Global perspectives from the WHO World Mental Health Surveys (pp. 86-100). New York: Cambridge University Press.

Dour, H.J., Cha, C.B., & Nock, M.K. (2011). Suicide attempts among adolescents: An interaction between emotional and cognitive factors. Behavior Research and Therapy, 49, 294-298.

Cha, C.B., & Nock, M.K. (2011). Nonsuicidal self-injury. In B.B. Brown & M.J. Prinstein (Eds.), Encyclopedia of adolescence (pp. 211-217). Oxford, UK: Elsevier Ltd.

Nock, M.K., Cha, C.B., & Dour, H.J. (2010). Disorders of impulse control and self-harm. In D.H. Barlow (Ed.), Oxford handbook of clinical psychology (pp. 504-529). New York: Oxford Press.

Cha, C.B., Najmi, S., Park, J.M., Finn, C.T., & Nock, M.K. (2010). Attentional bias toward suicide-related stimuli predicts suicidal behavior. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 119, 616-622.

Nock, M.K., & Cha, C.B. (2009). Psychological models of nonsuicidal self-injury. In M.K. Nock (Ed.), Understanding nonsuicidal self-injury: Origins, assessment, and treatment (pp. 65-78). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

Cha, C.B., & Nock, M.K. (2009). Emotional intelligence is a protective factor for suicidal behaviors. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 48, 422-430.

Nock, M.K., Borges, G., Bromet, E.J., Cha, C.B., Kessler, R.C., & Lee, S. (2008). Suicide and suicidal behaviors. Epidemiologic Reviews, 30, 133-154.

Hilt, L.M., Cha, C.B., & Nolen-Hoeksema, S. (2008). Nonsuicidal self-injury in young adolescent girls: Moderators of the distress-function relationship. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 76, 63-71.



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