Coles, Drew X. (dxc2102)

Drew Xavier Coles

Lecturer - Music & Music Education
Director, Hybrid M.A. Program

Office Location:

Horace Mann 520C

Office Hours:

By appointment;

Educational Background

Ed.D. in Music Education, 2019 – Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, NY

M.B.A., 2014 – Metropolitan College Of New York, New York, NY

M.A. in Jazz Performance, 2013 – Queens College, City University Of New York, New York, NY

B.M. in Music Business, 2011 – Crane School Of Music, State University Of New York At Potsdam, Potsdam, NY

Scholarly Interests

Dr. Drew X. Coles is a distinguished scholar in music education whose research spans an impressive array of topics, including the creative empowerment of students through songwriting, the role of difficult conversations in education, the integration of technology in teaching, the psychology of performance, and entrepreneurial approaches in the arts. 

His publications have appeared in esteemed outlets such as School Music News – the publication of the New York State School Music Association, INform – the publication of the Indiana Music Educators Association, the College Music Symposium, Motif – the publication of the Maine Music Educators Association, TEMPO – the publication of the New Jersey Music Educators Association, books published by Edward Elgar Publishing, the Journal of Arts Entrepreneurship Education, and the Music Educators Journal. He has also contributed to discussions and blogs hosted by the National Association for Music Education (NAfME). 

Dr. Coles's current research collaborations, approved by the Institutional Review Board, cover a wide range of pedagogical and professional development themes; examining collaborative pedagogy, culturally responsive teaching, music technology, the flow state in educators, career practices, and creative activities in instrumental ensembles.

Dr. Coles's comprehensive work reflects a commitment to enhancing music education through research and scholarly dialogue, contributing to a deeper understanding of pedagogical and professional practices in the field.

Selected Publications

Coles, D. X. (2024). Business Card Assignment: An Identity Exploration Artifact. Teaching Notes: American Journal of Arts Management. 12(2).

Coles, D. X., & Reilly, M. (2024). The Essential Role of Feedback in Cultivating Flow in Teachers. CMEA Digital News, 13-17. Connecticut Music Educators Association. 

Coles, D. X., & Menard, L. (2024). The Mandorla Model: Toward Collaboration as Liberatory Pedagogy. Journal of Educational Thought. 57(1), 57-74.

Hawkins, I. D., & Coles, D. X. (2024). Music Teacher Identities and Job Titles: Directors, Teachers, and Facilitators. The Maine Motif, 8(3), 9-11. Maine Music Educators Association.

Reilly, M., & Coles, D. X. (2024). Achieving and Maintaining Flow State in the Classroom: Steps for Success. Oregon Music Educator, 50-51. Oregon Music Educators Association.   

Coles, D. X. (2024). Songwriting in the city: our process in instilling ownership. School Music News, 87(4), 26-27. New York State School Music Association.  

Coles, D. X. (2023, November). A place for difficult but necessary conversations - the foundations of music education classroom. INform, 76(2), 18-19. Indiana Music Educators Association.

Coles, D. X. (2023). CMS Forums Discussion: Leveraging the Chordie App to display harmonic and melodic information through screen sharing video conferencing platforms. In College Music Symposium (Vol. 63, No. 2). The College Music Society. 

Coles, D. X. (2023, October). Embracing Discovery: Lessons Learned from Canoeing on Sebago Lake in Overcoming Fear and Enhancing Music Pedagogy. Motif, 8(1), 17-19. Maine Music Educators Association. 

Coles, D. X. (2023). The Metropolitan Players: the search for a unique value proposition. In Cases on Arts Entrepreneurship (pp. 44-55). Edward Elgar Publishing. 

Coles, D. X., & Reilly, M. (2023, October). Beyond the conference: Following up on questions regarding achieving flow state in the classroom. TEMPO!, 78(1), 28-29. New Jersey Music Educators Association. 

Coles, D. X. (2023, September 13). A Place for Difficult Conversations: The Foundations of Music Education Classroom - NAfME. National Association for Music Education.  

Coles, D. X. (2023). CMS Forums Discussion: The Guitar Strummer Preset Within the Logic Pro X Scripter Plugin: Making MIDI Guitar Sound Real. In College Music Symposium (Vol. 63, No. 1). The College Music Society. 

Coles, D. X. (2023, May 25). Finding Spaces for Collaborative Pedagogy in Music Education - NAfME. National Association for Music Education. 

Castellano, L. G., & Coles, D. X. (2021). Amplifying the Transdisciplinary Nature of Arts Entrepreneurship Education Through Online Learning. Journal of Arts Entrepreneurship Education,3(2), 5.

Coles, D. X. (2018, October). Reimagining Career Clarity in Music Professions, Defining Success in Boundaryless Music Performance Careers. In College Music Symposium(Vol. 58, No. 2, pp. 1-7). The College Music Society.

(2017) An African-American Legacy: The Harlem Renaissance. Young People’s Concerts Resource Materials for Teachers, New York Philharmonic.  

Drew X Coles is an accomplished producer, serial entrepreneur, educator, and scholar, whose work spans across multiple facets of the music industry and higher education. As a faculty member at Teachers College, Columbia University, he leads a cutting-edge hybrid graduate degree program in Music and Music Education. In this role, he not only imparts knowledge through pedagogy, entrepreneurship, and production courses but also shapes the future of music education through his leadership and innovative curriculum development.

Drew's scholarly endeavors are as diverse as his professional roles, focusing on critical aspects of music education and the broader cultural context within which it operates. His research on the construct of success for post-secondary students offers insightful perspectives into educational outcomes and student development. Similarly, his work on culturally responsive pedagogy in the music classroom addresses essential themes of diversity and inclusion, providing valuable frameworks for educators to engage with students from various backgrounds effectively.

Moreover, Drew's exploration of technology in the applied studio, mentorship in music higher education, Jazz pedagogy, improvisation pedagogy, comprehensive musicianship coursework and curricula, artistic entrepreneurship, and quantitative research methods in music education are testament to his comprehensive understanding of the field. These scholarly interests not only highlight his academic prowess but also his commitment to advancing music education through research and practical application.

Drew holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the Crane School of Music at SUNY Potsdam, a Masters in Jazz Performance from Queens College, and an M.B.A. from the Metropolitan College of New York, he possesses a unique blend of artistic talent, academic excellence, and business acumen. His Doctorate from Teachers College, Columbia University, which focused on the perceptions among musicians on the construct of career success, further underscores his deep engagement with the music industry's intricacies.

Beyond academia, Drew has made significant contributions to the music industry through leadership roles in prestigious organizations. His tenure as the Executive Director of the Crane Institute for Music Business and the International Chamber Orchestra of America demonstrates his ability to lead and innovate within the music business sector. As a co-founder of Pro Arts Management and Consulting LLC and the Musical Director to the Metropolitan Players, he has shown a keen ability to blend artistic vision with entrepreneurial initiative.

Drew's commitment to continuous learning and development is evident in his acquisition of certificates in Strategic Management from the International Business Management Institute, Financial Markets from Yale University, Leading for equity, diversity, and inclusion in higher education from the University of Michigan, and Disruptive Strategy from Harvard Business School. These certifications not only augment his expertise but also reflect his dedication to embracing new knowledge and skills that can enhance his work and impact.

Dr. Coles embodies the rare combination of artistic talent, scholarly insight, entrepreneurial spirit, and educational leadership. Through his board leadership, publications, presentations, and invited talks, Drew continues to influence the fields of music education and the music industry at large, making significant contributions that will resonate for years to come. His work not only enriches the academic community at Teachers College, Columbia University but also sets a benchmark for excellence in music education and industry practices globally.

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