Perry, Elissa L. (ep248)

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Perry, Elissa
Professor of Psychology and Education
Academic Program Director for Social-Organizational Psychology
Organization & Leadership

226C Thmps

Office Hours:
Wednesdays: 4:30-5:30

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University
  • M.S., Carnegie Mellon University
  • B.S., Trinity College 

Scholarly Interests

  • The role of personal characteristics (e.g., age, generational membership, gender, race, disability) in human resource judgments, organizational behavior, and employment outcomes
  • Diversity training and sexual harassment awareness training

Selected Publications

Perry, E.L., Hanvongse, A., & Casoinic, D.  (2013).  Making a case for the existence of generational stereotypes:  A literature review and exploratory study.  In R. Burke, C.Cooper, & J. Field (Eds.), Handbook on Aging, Work, & Society.  London: Sage Publications.

Perry, E.L., Dokko, G., & Golom, F. (2012). The aging worker and person-environment fit. In J.W. Hedge and W.C. Borman (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Work and Aging. Oxford University Press (pp. 187-212).

Perry, E.L., Kulik, C.T., Bustamante, J., & Golom, F.D. (2010). The impact of reason for training on the relationship between "Best Practices" and sexual harassment training effectiveness. Human Resource Development Quarterly, 21(2), 187-208.

Perry, E.L., Kulik, C.T., & Field, M.P. (2009). Sexual harassment training: Recommendations to address gaps between the practitioner and research literatures. Human Resource Management, 48(5), 817-837.

Kulik, C.T., Roberson, L., & Perry, E.L. (2007). The multiple category problem: Category activation and inhibition in the hiring process. Academy of Management Review, 32, 529 - 548.

Perry, E.L., & Parlamis, J.D. (2005). Age and ageism in organizations: A review and consideration of national culture. In Konrad, A.M., Prasad, P., & Pringle, J.K. (Eds.), Handbook of Workplace Diversity. London: Sage publications.

Goldberg, C., Finkelstein, L.M., Perry, E.L., & Konrad, A.M. (2004). Job and industry fit: The effects of age and gender matches on career progress outcomes. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 25, 807-830.

Perry, E. L., Hendricks, W., & Broadbent, E. (2000). An exploration of access and treatment discrimination and job satisfaction among college graduates with and without physical disabilities. Human Relations, 53, 923-955.

Perry, E.L., Davis-Blake, A., & Kulik, C.T. (1994). Explaining gender-based selection decisions: A synthesis of contextual and cognitive approaches. Academy of Management Review, 19, 786-820.

Professor Perry received her B.S. in Psychology in 1987 from Trinity College, Hartford, CT. She received an M.S. in 1989 and a Ph.D. in 1991 in Organizational Psychology and Theory from Carnegie Mellon University. Professor Perry was an Assistant Professor in the Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations at the University of Illinois from 1991-1998 and a visiting fellow in the Psychology Department at Goldsmiths College, London England in the spring of 1999. Professor Perry is an active member of the Academy of Management and Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology and serves on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Management. She teaches in the Masters, Ph.D. and executive management programs at Teachers College.  Professor Perry has also consulted to educational, nonprofit, and for-profit agencies. 

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Member, Academy of Management
Member, American Psychological Association
Member, Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology
Editorial board member, Journal of Management


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