Smith, J P. (jps164)

Smith, J.

Visiting Professor (Adjunct Full Professor)

Office Location:

323 D Thmps

Office Hours:

W 2:00-5:00 & R 2:00-5:00 walk-in; and by appointment.

Educational Background

B.A. in Mathematics Honors, Dartmouth College (1962)
M.S. in Mathematics, Stanford University (1964)
Ph.D., Teachers College, Columbia University (1973)

Scholarly Interests

Mathematical problem solving.
History of mathematics.
Postsecondary mathematics curriculum.

Selected Publications

A Process sequence coding scheme for behavioral analysis of mathematics problem solving. Branca, Goldberg, Kantowski, Kellogg, Smith.  Task Variables in Mathematical Problem Solving.  ERIC, 1979.

On making effective use of the advice “Think of a related  problem.”  E. Silver and J. P. Smith.  1980 Yearbook, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.           

Random digits and simulation.  E. Silver and J. P. Smith.  1981 Yearbook, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Study Guide for Mathematics, Connecticut State Board of Education, 1987.

Calculators and instruction in problem solving in grade 7.  J.P. Smith.  Investigations in mathematics education, 21, no. 1 winter, pp 49-55.  ERIC 1988

A maximization problem.  J.P. Smith. Mathematics Teachers Journal,  Vol 40, no. 1: 47-49.  1991.

Concerning the prevalence of inaccurate memories of problem solving episodes.  J.P. Smith.  Mathematics Teachers Journal,  Vol 41, no. 1: 48-50.  1991.

Mersenne primes: A lesson in the history of mathematical patterns. J.P. Smith.  Missouri Mathematics Journal. Spring, 1993.

Polya’s mushrooms and the maximization problem.  J.P. Smith.  Mathematical explorations for our time.  Barwood Press, Norfolk, VA. 2006.
Mathematical Association of America
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
American Educational Research Organization
Acting President, Southern Connecticut State University (2002-2003)

Vice President for Academic Affairs, Southern Connecticut State University (1998 - 2002)

Dean of Arts and Sciences, Southern Connecticut State University (1987-1998)

Mathematics Department, Southern Connecticut State University (1965-1987)
  • Chairperson (1982-1987)
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