Parkes, Kelly A. (kap2200)

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Parkes, Kelly
Associate Professor of Music & Music Education
Music & Music Education Program Director
Arts & Humanities

517 HMann

Scholarly Interests

  • Assessment of music achievement, assessment in the applied studio, assessing teaching quality and teaching effectiveness 
  • Dispositions in pre-service music educators
  • Teacher education, motivation, and identity  
  • Teaching and learning in higher education

Educational Background

B.A. Australian National University

M. M. in Performance and Pedagogy, Australian National University

M.S. in Music Education, Florida International University

Ph.D. in Education, University of Miami

Selected Publications

Parkes, K. A. (2015). The evaluation of music faculty in higher education: Current practices. International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 27(1).

Daniel, R. and Parkes, K. A. (2015). The apprentice to master journey: exploring tertiary music instrument teachers’ reflections on their experiences as learner. Journal of Arts and Humanities, 4(3), 52-63.

Parkes, K. A. and Powell, S. R. (2015). Is edTP the right choice for evaluating teacher readiness? Arts Education Policy Review, 116(2), 103­­–113, doi: 10.1080/10632913.2014.944964.

Daniel, R. and Parkes, K. A. (2014). Assessment and critical feedback in the master-apprentice relationship: rethinking approaches to the learning of a music instrument. In D. Lebler (Ed) Assessment in Music: From policy to practice. Brisbane, Australia: Springer, pp. 107-124.

Parkes, K. A., Dredger, K. S. & Hicks, D. (2013). ePortfolio as a measure of reflective practice. International Journal of ePortfolio, 3(2), 99-115. 

Parkes, K. A. and Wexler, M. (2012). The nature of applied music teaching experience: Common elements observed in the lessons of three applied teachers. Bulletin of the Council for Research in Music Education, 193, 45-62.

Parkes, K. A. and Jones, B. D. (2012). Motivational constructs influencing undergraduate students’ choices to become classroom music teachers or music performers. Journal of Research in Music Education, 60, 101-123, doi10.1177/0022429411435512.

Parkes, K. A. and Jones, B. D. (2011). Students’ motivations for considering a career in music performance. Update: Applications of Research in Music Education, 29, 20-28, first published on February 7, doi:10.1177/8755123310397005.

Jones, B. D. and Parkes, K. A. (2010). The motivation of undergraduate music students: the impact of identification and talent beliefs on choosing a career in music education. Journal of Music Teacher Education, 19(2), 41-56.

Parkes, K. A. (2010) Performance assessment: lessons from performers. International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 22(1).

Driscoll, L., Parkes, K. A., Tilley-Lubbs, G., Brill, J., and Pitts Bannister, V. (2009) Navigating the lonely sea: peer mentoring and collaboration among aspiring women scholars. Mentoring & Tutoring: Partnership in Learning, 17 (1), 5-21.

Dr. Parkes’ primary research interests are in music and music education assessment; measuring aspects within the applied studio, teaching readiness, professional dispositions, and reflective practices in pre-service teachers, in addition to teaching effectiveness and teaching quality. She is the immediate past Chair of the National Association for Music Education’s (NAfME) Society for Research in Music Education (SRME), Assessment Special Research Interest Group. She co-Chairs the national Model Cornerstone Assessment research project in partnership with NAfME and serves on the Music Teacher Evaluation Taskforce. She is an elected member of the Board of Directors for the International Trumpet Guild and serves on the editorial committee for the Journal for Research in Music Education. 

University Exemplary Program, Virginia Tech 2012
University Teaching Award for effectively integrating ePortfolios to improve student learning

Distinguished Fellows, Presentation Award 2010
International Society for Exploring Teaching and Learning

Scholarship of Teaching & Learning Research Award 2010
University Research Award for Research in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

XCaliber Award, Virginia Tech 2010
University Teaching Award for Excellence in Teaching with Technology


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