Yorks, Lyle (ly84)

Lyle Yorks

Professor Emeritus of Adult and Continuing Education

Office Hours:

By appointment.

Educational Background

  • Ed.D. Columbia University, New York, N.Y. May 1995
  • M.A. Columbia University, New York, N.Y. May 1993
  • M.A. Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN. May 1972
  • B.A. Tusculum College, Greeneville, TN. June 1968

Scholarly Interests

  • Action Learning
  • Action Research 
  • Collaborative Inquiry
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Strategic Approaches to Human Resource Development
  • Strategy Development/strategic Advocacy 
  • Application of adult learning theory to individual, group, and organizational learning, and workforce and organizational development

Selected Publications

Langer, A.M. & Yorks, L. (2018). Strategic information technology: Best practices to drive Digital transformation. Second Edition. Hoboken, N.J.: Wiley. 

Voronov, M. & Yorks, L. (2015) “Did you notice that?” Theorizing how people recognize (or not) institutional contradictions. Academy of Management Review, 40(4), 563- 586

langer, a. m. & yorks, l. (2013). strategic it: best practices for managers and executives. hoboken, n.j.: wiley.

yorks, l. & nicolaides, a. (2013). toward an integral approach for evolving mindsets for generative learning and timely action in the midst of ambiguity. teachers college record, 115(8), 1-26.

yorks, l. (2013). ulilising action learning for fostering developmental capacity: an application in the graduate school setting. international journal human resource development and management, 13, 4-22.

nakamoura, y. t. & yorks, l. (2011). the role of reflective practices in building social capital in organizations: implications for hrd research and practice. human resource development review, 10, 222-245.(received the elwood holton iii research excellence award, 2011, for the outstanding article 2011 in human resource development review)

kasl, e. & yorks, l. (2010). whose inquiry is this anyway? money, power, reports and collaborative inquiry. adult education quarterly, 60(4), 315-338.

poell, r.f., marsick, v.j., & yorks, l. (2010). the relation between central actors and level of reflection in action-learning programs: dutch and u.s. data and theory compared. in m. van woerkom & r.f. poell, (eds.), workplace learning: concepts, measurement, and application (pp. 148-166). london, u.k.: routledge.

yorks, l., beechler, s., & ciporen, r. (2007). enhancing the impact of an open enrollment executive program through assessment. academy of management learning and education, 6, 310-320.

yorks, l., neumann, j.h., kowalski, d., & kowalski, r. (2007). lessons learned from a 5-year project within the department of veterans affairs: applying theories of interpersonal aggression and organizational justice to the development and maintenance of collaborative social space. journal of applied behavioral science, 43, 352-372.

yorks, l., aprill, a., james, l., rees, a.m., hoffman-pinilla, & ospina, s. (2007). the tapestry of leadership: lessons from six cooperative inquiry groups of social justice leaders. in p. reason & h. bradbury (eds.), handbook of action research: participatory inquiry and practice, (2nd edition), (pp. 497-509). thousand oaks, ca: sage.

yorks, l. (2005). strategic human resource development in organizations. mason. ohio: south-western college publishing.

yorks, l. (2005). adult learning and the generation of new knowledge and meaning: creating liberating spaces for fostering adult learning through practitioner based collaborative inquiry. teachers college record, 12, 9-25.

yorks, l. (2004). toward a political economy model for comparative analysis of the role of strategic human resource development leadership. human resource development review, 3, 189-208. (outstanding article award, hrdr, academy of human research development).

yorks, l. (2003). beyond the classroom: transfer from work-based learning initiatives. in e. holton and t. baldwin, (eds.). improving learning transfer in organizations, (pp. 138-160). san francisco: jossey-bass.

yorks, l. & kasl, e. (2002). toward a theory and practice for whole-person learning: reconceptualizing experience and the role of affect. adult education quarterly, 52, 176-192. (reprinted in danish, in k. illeris & s. berri (eds.). texts on adult learning. copenhagen, denmark: roskilde university press.)

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