Limerick, Nicholas (nl2539)

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Limerick, Nicholas
Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Education
International & Transcultural Studies

375C GDodge

Office Hours:
Fall 2019 Wednesdays, 5 - 7pm Thursdays, 3 - 4pm

Scholarly Interests

Linguistic and cultural anthropology, anthropology of education, social movements and the state, Indigeneity, multicultural citizenship, multilingualism, language revitalization, urban inequality, Latin America, Ecuador

Educational Background

Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

Selected Publications

Selected Publications:

Limerick, N. & N. Hornberger. (2019). Teachers, Textbooks, and Orthographic Choices in Quechua: Comparing Bilingual Intercultural Education in Peru and Ecuador Across Decades. Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education, 49(6).


Limerick, N. (2018). Attaining Multicultural Citizenship Through Indigenous Language Instruction: Successful Kichwa Misfires and the Modeling of Modernist Language Ideologies in Ecuador. Journal of Linguistic Anthropology, 28(3), 313-331.


Limerick, N. (2018). Kichwa or Quichua? Competing Alphabets, Political Histories, and Complicated Reading in Indigenous Languages. Comparative Education Review, 62(1), 103–124.

*Received the George Bereday Award from the Comparative and International Education Society for the best Comparative Education Review article published in 2018 .


Limerick, N. (2019.) Review of Selling Hope and College, American Anthropologist, 121(3), 782-783.



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