Arora, Prerna (pa2542)

Prerna Arora

Associate Professor of Psychology and Education

Office Location:

529C Building 528

Educational Background

Ph.D., School Psychology, University of Texas at Austin
M.A., Educational Psychology, University of Texas at Austin
B.S. Biology, Arizona State University 

Predoctoral Clinical Psychology Internship, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Post-Doctoral Training, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, University of Maryland School of Medicine

Certifications/Licensure: License Psychologist, New York (# 021875-1)

Scholarly Interests

Dr. Arora’s research focuses on issues of access and quality of care for historically marginalized youth and adolescents. In particular, Dr. Arora’s research focuses on identifying risk and protective factors in the development of depressive disorders among ethnic minoritized and immigrant-origin youth; barriers to help-seeking among ethnic minoritized and immigrant-origin youth and families; and developing and implementing culturally-informed school and community-based prevention and intervention programming for youth internalizing disorders. Dr. Arora’s work is grounded in a participatory action research approach and incorporates the use of mixed methodology.

Dr. Arora will NOT be accepting external PhD students for Fall 2024.

Selected Publications

Rajan, S., Arora, P. G., Chang, B., *Khoo, O. & Verdeli, H. (in press). Suicidality and exposure to school-based violence among a nationally representative sample of Asian American and Pacific Islander youth. School Psychology Review.

 Takeda, K., Rosenthal, L., & Arora, P. G. (in press). Internalizing symptoms, intersectional discrimination, and social support among Asian-Pacific Islander LGBTQQ adults. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology

Arora, P. G., Alvarez, K., Huang, C., & Wang, C. (in press, online ahead of print). A three-tiered model for addressing the mental health needs of immigrant youth in schools. Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health. 

Nastasi, B. K., Chittooran, M., Arora, P. G. & Song, S. (in press). Infusing global and intercultural perspectives to transform school psychology: Transcending the past and present. School Psychology. 

Arora, P. G. & *Persaud, S. (in press, online ahead of print). ​Suicide among Guyanese youth: Barriers to mental health help-seeking and recommendations for suicide prevention. International Journal of School & Educational Psychology. 

Arora, P. G., Wheeler, L. A., Fisher, S., *Restituyo, M., & Barnes, J. (in press, online ahead of print). A longitudinal examination of peer victimization on depressive symptoms among Asian American school-aged youth. School Mental Health. 

Wheeler, L., Arora, P. G., & Delgado, M. (in press, online ahead of print). The role of adolescents’ perceived ethnic-racial discrimination in youth’s socioeconomic attainment in Mexican-origin immigrant families. Journal of Youth and Adolescence. 

Garcia Vazquez, E., Reddy, L., Arora, P., Crepeau-Hobson, F., Fenning, P., Hatt, C., Hughes, T., Jimerson, S., Malone, C., Minke, K., Radliff, K., Raines, T., Song, S., & Vaillancourt Strobach, K. (2020). School Psychology Unified Anti-Racism Statement and Call to Action. School Psychology Review, 49(3), 209-211. 10.1080/2372966X.2020.1809941  

Arora, P. G. & *Khoo, O. (2020). Sources of stress and barriers to mental health service use among Asian immigrant-origin youth: A qualitative exploration. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 29, 2590-2601 

Fisher, S., Zapolski, T. B., Lee, K., Arora, P. G., & Barnes-Najor, J. (2020). Examination of the structure and measurement invariance of the Multigroup Ethnic Identity Measure in a diverse sample of adolescents. Journal of Adolescence, 83, 42-51.

*Kanuri, N., Arora, P. G., *Talluru, S., *Colaco, B., *Dutta, R., *Rawat, A., Newman, M. G., Manjula, M., & Taylor, C. B. (2020). Examining the initial usability, acceptability, and feasibility of a digital mental health for college students in India.  International Journal of Psychology, 55(4), 657-673. 

Arora, P. G., *Persaud, S, & *Parr, K. (2020). ​Risk and protective factors for suicide among Guyanese youth: Youth and stakeholder perspectives. International Journal of Psychology, 55(4), 618-628.

Dart, E. H., Arora, P. G., Collins, T. A., Stark, K., Cook, C., Duong, M., McCarty, M. & Doll, B. (2020). Developing a brief behavior rating scale for progress monitoring of depression in school settings. Assessment for Effective Intervention, 45(3), 163-172.

Naser, S., Verlenden, J. Arora, P. G., Nastasi, B, Braun, L., & Smith, R. (2020). Using child rights education to infuse a social justice framework into universal programming. School Psychology International, 41(1), 13-36.

Persaud, S., Rosenthal, L, & Arora, P.G. (2019). Culturally-informed gatekeeper training for youth suicide prevention in Guyana: A pilot examination. School Psychology International, 40(6), 624-640. 

Melchert, T. P., Berry, S., Grus, C., Arora, P. G., De Los Reyes, A., Hughes, T. L., Moye, J., Oswald, F. L., & Rozensky, R. H. (2019). Applying task for recommendations on integrating science and practice in health service psychology. Training and Education in Professional Psychology, 13(4), 270-278.

Arora, P. G., & *Algios, A. (2019). School-based mental health for Asian American immigrant youth: Perceptions and recommendations. Asian American Journal of Psychology, 10(2), 166-181. 

 Fisher, S., Wheeler, L. A, Arora, P. G., Chaudry, J., & Barnes-Najor, J. (2019). Ethnic identity and substance use in multiracial youth: The moderating role of support networks. Substance Use & Misuse, 54(9), 1417-1428. 

Arora, P. G., Collins, T. A., Dart, E. H., *Hernández, S., *Fetterman, H., & Doll, B. (2019). Multi-tiered systems of support for school-based mental health: A systematic review of depression interventions. School Mental Health, 11(2), 240-264. 

Collins, T. A., Dart, E. H., & Arora, P. G., (2019). Addressing the internalizing behavior of students in schools: Applications of the MTSS model. School Mental Health, 11(2), 191-193. 

Dart, E. H., Arora, P. G., Collins, T. A., & Doll, B. (2019). Progress monitoring measures for internalizing disorders: A systematic review of the literature. School Mental Health, 11(2), 265-275. 

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