Hardman, Sara E. (seh2196)

Sara Elizabeth Hardman

Lecturer - Philosophy

Office Location:

Horace Mann 334J

Office Hours:

 Spring 2023: Wednesdays 1-3pm and by appointment

Educational Background

Sara Hardman received her Ph.D. in Philosophy and Education from Columbia University in 2022. She received her Masters of Philosophy from the same program. She has been an adjunct instructor at Teachers College, Fordham University, and Montclair State University, and she has been a course assistant at New York University and Teachers College.

Scholarly Interests

Sara Hardman’s primary research interests are in aesthetics, critical philosophy, and feminist philosophy as they pertain to teachers and to education. In her dissertation, she analyzed the West Virginia teacher strikes from the intersection of aesthetics and politics. She is continuing research at that nexus in several exciting projects this year. She is also interested in the emergent field of everyday aesthetics as it pertains to care ethics and education.

Selected Publications

Sara Hardman, “Teacher Strikes as Education: The West Virginia Teacher Strikes Framed by a Theory of Counter-Conduct, Performativity, and Aesthetics,” PhD diss., (Columbia University, 2022).

Sara Hardman, “The West Virginia Teachers’ Strike as Counter-Conduct: The Fight Against
Neoliberalism from a Feminist Perspective,” Philosophy and Education 76, no. 1 (2020): 35–49.

Sara Hardman, “Finding Freedom within Existential Anxiety with Beauvoir,” Philosophy and
Education 75, no. 1 (2019): 578–583.
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