Henry, Victoria K. (vkh2108)

Victoria Henry

Full-time Instructor (Literacy Specialist Program)

Victoria's professional experience includes teaching in K-12 public schools, adult education/adult literacy settings, and community colleges. She has taught in New York City and her home-state, New Mexico, as well as intrnationally in Colombia and Honduras.

Victoria's research and practice is grounded in sociocultural, multimodal, and critical literacy frameworks. Her work focuses on healing-centered literacy pedagogies, home and community literacies, multilingual-multicultural education, and teacher education, especially as these areas relate to the educational experiences of students with non-normative schooling trajectories (often referred to as having "interrupted education"). 

Victoria is a graduate of the Literacy Specialist MA program at TC and is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Curriculum and Teaching at TC. 

225B Thornton 

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