Markarian, Yeraz (ynm2101)

Yeraz Markarian, PhD

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Adjunct Asst Professor, Teacher's College, Columbia University
Director of Psychology, Department, of Psychiatry & Behavioral Health Services, HUMC
Asst Professor, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Health, Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine

Office Location:

328 HMann

Office Hours:

Fridays 9 - 10pm, via zoom by appointment


The course will give students an overview of health psychology, a trans-disciplinary field that synthesizes findings from psychology (clinical, social, behavioral, and developmental) and medicine (including epidemiology, genetics, and allied health). We will examine how health psychology principles are applied across the full spectrum of health, from preventive practices (e.g., diet, exercise) to end of life care, and across a wide range of health issues, including cancer, HIV, heart disease, organ transplantation, and more. We will explore a variety of professional roles through which health psychologists contribute to improved health outcomes (e.g., improving adherence to medication schedule, working to resolve health disparities, and promoting emotional adjustment to medical conditions). Students will receive a solid grounding in health behavior theory and practice applying research findings to a variety of clinical scenarios. Email me for more information!

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