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Master of Science: Nutrition and Public Health

The Program in Nutrition and Public Health is an approved program of the Association of Faculties of Graduate Programs in Public Health Nutrition. Coursework for the 47-credit master’s degree conforms to the recommendations of that association, so that the degree is equivalent to one offered by a school of public health.

In addition to the core courses in nutrition science and the behavioral sciences, courses are required in epidemiology, program planning, and public health policy. Other courses in public health are selected to complement the student’s previous academic background and work experiences and take into account the student’s interests and career goals.

The Nutrition and Public Health master’s degree prepares graduates to take leadership roles in government, community, and public health agencies, carrying out a variety of planning, instructional, and administrative tasks related to health promotion and disease prevention. These include community and individual nutritional assessment and evaluation; program planning and management; coalition building; and participation in multidisciplinary teams to provide programs to meet public health needs or improve the sustainability of food systems.

Field work is an essential component of this master’s degree and provides the opportunity through observation, discussion and participation in ongoing programs to gain a broad understanding of public health and the role of the public health nutritionist.

Students who pursue this degree are eligible to apply to the Dietetic Internship Program following completion of M.S. prerequisite courses, most of the master’s courses, and verification of completion of the Didactic Program in Dietetics.

Here are the courses required for the master's degree in Nutrition and Public Health.

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