Please contact, GA of SPACE (Michelle Liu), or SPACE Chair (Lori Lerma) with questions, comments, or opportunities to collaborate! Additionally, your feedback and ideas for improving the Collective are greatly encouraged and appreciated.

It is our intent that students from all backgrounds and perspectives be well-served by this Collective and that students’ needs be addressed both in and out of class. Further, we intend to respectfully celebrate the student diversity in gender identity, sexuality, disability, age, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, race, nationality, religion, and culture as a resource, strength, and benefit. 

Important note: Given the sensitive and challenging nature of anti-racism and anti-oppression work, it is imperative that there be an atmosphere of trust and safety within the Collective. We aim to foster an environment in which each member is able to hear and respect each other, inclusive of all worldviews. It is expected that some of our discussions may evoke strong emotions. Please be respectful of others' emotions and be mindful of your own. Let us know if something said or done in our spaces is particularly troubling or causes discomfort or offense. While our intention may not be to cause discomfort or offense, we understand the importance of understanding and recognizing the impact. 

Professional courtesy and sensitivity are especially important with respect to topics dealing with differences of race, culture, religion, politics, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, etc. Pronouns are the parts of speech we use to refer to someone instead of their name. Using the right pronoun, like using someone’s correct name or title, is a way to show respect. We invite you to share your name and pronouns with us. Mistakes in addressing one another may happen, so we encourage an environment of openness to correction and learning. We will not, however, tolerate repeated comments which disrespect or antagonize students who have indicated their chosen name and/or pronouns. An individual’s name and personal pronouns may evolve over time, so if at any point during the semester you would like to be addressed differently, please let us know.

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