SPACE consists of, at minimum, the following self-selected representatives:

  • 2 students in the 1st year cohort 
  • 2 students in the 2nd year cohort 
  • 2 students in the 3rd year cohort 
  • 2 advanced PhD students (4th year and above)
  • 2 alumni, decided on a volunteer basis
  • 1 faculty advisor 

All members of SPACE are expected to uphold the aforementioned values of the Collective. If it becomes apparent that they do not, the actions of the member will be reviewed and appropriate measures will be taken, such as revoking the student’s membership, if necessary.

Leadership Roles:

  • SPACE Chair responsibilities include:
    • Planning student-centered activities addressing diversity/inclusion
    • Highlighting Black Excellence, current events, and resources to support BIPOC students and practitioners via monthly newsletters distributed to current students and faculty
    • Presenting ideas and updates in biweekly faculty meetings 
    • Gathering feedback to promote student well-being and inclusivity within the culture of our program 
    • Advocating for current student needsand addressing current events that impact our students, the students or communities we serve, and our field
    • Communicating as a liason on SPACE and the School Psychology Committee
  • GA of SPACE responsibilities include:
    • Communicating with the School Psychology program faculty, SPACE faculty representatives, and Health and Behavior Studies department chair to support program-specific and/or department-wide diversity-related initiatives
    • Developing the Diversity Collective roles and role descriptions for the purpose of sustainability
    • Implementing diversity-related initiatives decided upon by program and/or department
    • Organizing and leading SPACE meetings
Dr. Prerna Arora, PhD
Faculty Advisor

Assistant Professor of School Psychology

Lab Director and Principal Investigator of The School Mental Health for Minority Youth and Families (SMILE) Research Lab

Michelle Liu

Ed.M. Candidate in School Psychology

Lori Lerma
SPACE Chair for Student Committee

Ed.M. Candidate in School Psychology

Track(s): Applied Behavioral Analysis

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