Doctoral Dissertations

Recent Doctoral Dissertations

Kuwaiti Mothers’ Food Parenting Styles, Practices, and Food-Environments in the Context of Living With or Without Extended Family -A Mixed Methods Study

Using Theory of Planned Behavior to Understand the Prevalence of Infant Formula among Chinese Community in New York City - A Mixed-Methods Study 

Navigating Celiac Disease and the Gluten-Free Diet in a Family Setting: A Mixed-Methods Approach of Families of Children with Celiac Disease

East Asian International Students’ Perceptions, Attitudes, and Behaviors In Relation to U.S Food and the Food Environment

Mexicans’ Consumption of Taxed Sugar-Sweetened Beverages and the Psychosocial Determinants of Consumption in the Context of the 2014 Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Tax - A Mixed Methods Study

Nutrition Education for Older Adults in Congregate and Home-Delivered Meal Sites: What is Taught, What Do we Know

Understanding Lifestyle Behaviors and the Development of a Theory-Based Nutrition and Physical Activity Education Intervention for Latina Breast Cancer Survivors

Advancing the Use of Exercise Testing as a Tool to Assess Whole-Body Substrate Selectivity and Metabolic Function in Individuals at Risk for Developing Type 2 Diabetes

The Diet and Early Childhood Caries (DECC) study: Validation of a Novel ECC Risk-Assessment Tool and Investigation Of Diet-Related ECC Risk Factors.

One-year Evaluation of the Wellness in the Schools Program on School Lunch Consumption of Fruits, Vegetables, and Salad Bar Items in Urban Elementary Students

The Effects of Wellness in the Schools (WITS) on Physical Activity and Play Engagements during Recess in New York City Public Schools

A Conceptual Framework for Measuring Fruit and Vegetable Consumption at School Lunch among Elementary Students Participating in the National School Lunch Program

Exploring New York City School Gardens: The Development of the School Garden Integration Framework and Strategies of Operationalization by Well-Integrated Gardens Using a Sequential, Transformative Mixed Methods Approach

Bringing Nutrition Education Programs from Outside Sources into the Classroom: The Experience of New York City Public Elementary Schools

Food, Health, & Choices Implementation and Context: The Case for a Comprehensive Approach to Process Evaluation in School-Based Childhood Obesity Prevention Trials: Associations Among Measures of Weight Status, Energy Balance Related Behaviors, and Psychological Mediators in Urban Upper Elementary School Children

From Root to Fruit: The Development and Evaluation of In Defense of Food Curriculum

Creating a Home Away from Home: Examining Preschool Teachers' Nutrition Beliefs, Practices and Feeding Styles and Associations with Training

Relationship of Chinese American Parental Perception and Feeding Practices, Feeding Styles and Level of Acculturation to Their School-Age Child’s Weight Status

Examining the Effect of a High Quality Dietary Intervention on Cognitive Function in Early Adolescence

Neurobiological Correlates of Behavioral Responses in Obese Binge Eaters: An fMRI Study

Theoretical Foundations and Preliminary Empirical Results for the Meaning of Food in Life Project

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