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Directory: Registered Student Organizations

ASL: American Sign Language Club

ASL Club celebrates and spreads awareness of American Sign Language and Deaf culture. We host regular meetings where members can learn and practice ASL, and our other activities include making videos, organizing panels and performances, and advocacy.

MISSION STATEMENT   We aim to create a space for signers of all levels to learn and practice ASL, to advocate for Columbia University to recognize ASL as a modern language, and to promote understanding of and respect for ASL in terms of communication, education, artistic expression, culture, and community.


ASWG: African Studies Working Group

The mission of the African Studies Working Group is to create a community of graduate students passionate about education in Africa and the African Diaspora. We have three objectives:

Develop a supportive network of students, scholars, and practitioners with interests in the field of African studies and Education in Africa and the African Diaspora.

Provide opportunities for students to develop their scholarly interests and academic pursuits related to African education.

Create and maintain partnerships with other Africa-focused student groups and organizations, both locally and globally.


BSN: Black Student Network

The Black Student Network is a community of graduate students of African Descent and persons in support thereof at Teachers College who have come together to empower themselves in order to become active articulators and participants in their education at TC.

MISSION STATEMENT   The purpose and aims of BSN are: to encourage high scholastic and ethical standards for Blacks in higher education; to promote unity and support among Black graduate students; to provide networking opportunities in order to enhance the professional development of Blacks; to enrich traditions and practices of peoples of African descent within the academic community; to encourage the recruitment, retention, and development of Black professionals at TC; and to maintain strong ties, links, and partnerships with the community-at-large.


CCC: Chinese Calligraphy Club

MISSION STATEMENT   The Chinese Calligraphy Club provides an opening space and opportunities for people from all cultures to learn and practice Chinese calligraphy – the traditional Chinese art work, and to build up friendship through calligraphy. Our mission is to popularize traditional cultural art, to promote cultural communication, and to help people find their inner peace through writing Chinese calligraphy.

CLS: Coalition of Latinx Scholars

Members of the Coalition of Latinx Scholars (CLS) promote awareness and knowledge of academic, social, political, and cultural issues that concern the Latinx community at Teachers College and beyond. We engage in efforts to further an equitable, diverse, just, and progressive education for all.

MISSION STATEMENT     Promoting Pan-Latinx Unity, Community Engagement, and Scholarship since 2001, the Coalition of Latinx Scholars (CLS) fosters a supportive community of Latinx students, staff, faculty, administrators, and alumni at Teachers College, Columbia University.


CMC: Creative Music Collective of TC

Creative Music Collective strives to foster collaboration and participation through engaging and open-ended musical performances and activities.

MISSION STATEMENT   Creative Music Collective of Teachers College strives to foster collaboration and participation through engaging and open-ended musical performances and activities. We encourage diverse and innovative ways of making music that are inclusive for all levels of musical understanding and wide-ranging cultural backgrounds.


DISHA: Development in South Asia

Development in South Asia (DISHA), is a student organization that aspires to strengthen the TC community by representing South Asia through Cultural, Outreach, and Educational initiatives, catering to the interests of both South Asian and Non South Asian affiliates at TC and Columbia University.

MISSION STATEMENT   DISHA, means "direction" in Hindi. Our core values are Diversity, Inclusivity, Sustainability and Humanistic Approaches; these inspire the way we work and the focus of our initiatives. In terms of activities, our focus is to facilitate discussions/dialogues on issues pertaining to diversity, inclusivity, education policy and research in South Asia, and organize events and/or campaigns that help preserve and promote awareness about culture, festivals, food, and traditions of South Asia. We believe that it would help individuals think about their context in greater depth and contribute meaningfully to all effort of the community.


FGSA: First Generation Student Association

We strive to create a diverse inclusive community for students, faculty and staff to actively explore and support intersectional first generation identities. Through dialogues, forums, workshops, and other opportunities, we seek to build greater capacity for first-gen students’ and empower their experiences at TC and beyond.

FOJ: Friends of Japan

FOJ seeks to celebrate the Japanese culture and encourage networking through programming with other Japanese organizations within Columbia University. Special emphasis is on Language Exchange activities to support members who wish to practice their English-speaking skills, as well as assist those who wish to practice Japanese.


GCC: Global Citizen's Club

The Global Citizens Club (GCC) brings together global citizenship advocates within the Teachers College community. Through a variety of events, it encourages individuals to embody the global citizen identity and to recognize their civic responsibilities for the world’s biggest challenges. Confronting mankind are problems – such as climate change, terrorism, human rights violation and refugee crisis – which affect populations across nation-state boundaries. GCC strives to bring individuals together to undertake collective action to make a sustainable impact on these issues.


HPSEA: Higher & Postsecondary Education Association

HPSEA supports current, prospective, and alumni student affairs professionals and educators of Teachers College, Columbia University by fostering community, friendship, and respect through social and professional development events and community service opportunities.

MISSION STATEMENT   To serve the greater population of current, prospective and alumni student affairs professionals and educators within and outside of Columbia University by fostering interaction, friendship and respect among the students through sponsored events and programs of interest. To grow professionally and to utilize our acquired skills and knowledge to give back to the University and the greater New York City community.


ISPA: International Students Psychology Association

ISPA is the 1st international student organization with a primary focus on advocating for the mental health well-being of international students, as well as to promote, support, and advance communications between students, scholars, and people who are interested in psychology. ISPA's events are welcome to anyone who holds an interest in psychology. No experience or background is necessary.

MISSION STATEMENT     To promote psychology and, broadly speaking, its research to the general public, especially to those international students who have interests in psychology. Through numerous events, ISPA endeavors to establish a platform in which to share valuable resources, expand networks, and inspire insightful thoughts about psychology and individual mental well-being.


KDP: Kappa Delta Pi

KDP was founded on March 8, 1911. Today, the organization boasts over 500 chapters and more than 45,000 active members. As one of the founding chapters, the KDP chapter of Teachers College has enjoyed a pivotal role in the life of the organization. While other groups offer specialization in certain practices or fields of study, KDP crosses content boundaries and encourages multiple approaches to education. Based on three core Ideals--Service, Leadership, and Scholarship--KDP encourages members to remain active learners, teachers, and community members.


KGSA: Korean Graduate Student Association

TC Korean Graduate Student Assocation (KGSA) is a student organization committed to providing a platform for connecting people within and outside the Korean community. KGSA promotes individuals from different backgrounds to experience and celebrate Korean culture and provides academic and professional supports through various programs.

MISSION STATEMENT   To promote greater awareness, understanding, and support by connecting people within and beyond the Korean community at TC.


DSEA: Data Science and Education Association

DSEA strives to create a strong community that engages TC students from all departments to learn about the emerging field of Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining. We hope to (1) involve all students to participate in the growing conversations around the use of educational data, especially in the field of Learning Analytics, and (2) be the leading student organization in this space at the Teachers College.


LearnPlay is a student organization dedicated to exploring the learning potential and design of games. We play, design, and critique games and how they are learning experiences. We are closely affiliated with the Games Research Lab in the CMLTD department and utilize their space in 50 Thorndike. Regular Game Nights are held Fridays at 7:30pm in 50 Thorndike.

MISSION STATEMENT   LearnPlay seeks to help the TC community better understand the learning opportunities and potential held in games and game-like behavior.


NAEA: National Art Education Association

Our NAEA Student Chapter would like to create an environment for students of the Art Education department to socially engage as well as seek professional development opportunities. We hope to create experiences where students can share their interests and skills with each other, as well as participate in school events and in outreach projects in our neighborhoods. We hope that each year we will raise funds to help support the cost of going to the National Art Education Association Conference, where students can build upon their skills, share their experiences, and network with other art educators around the country.


NSSLHA: National Student Speech Language Hearing Association

MISSION STATEMENT   Our mission is to provide students with an opportunity to be leaders as emerging Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) professionals throughout their graduate school experience here at Teachers College. In addition, other missions include bringing unity among the students within our major, as well as educating students in other fields on campus about the CSD community. Having a NSSLHA chapter in a graduate school setting is meant to enhance the development and experience of all students in the CSD major. In turn, the work we do with NSSLHA will prepare us to contribute to the field of CSD as a whole, as future licensed and certified ASHA members.


OHDCC: Organization & Human Development Consulting Club

OHDCC is a student-run professional organization that operates under the program in Social-Organizational Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University. The club is traditionally comprised of both first- and second-year Masters students of Social-Organizational Psychology interested in pursuing careers in fields such as Organizational Development/Change, Consulting, and Human Resource Management.

MISSION STATEMENT   OHDCC serves to promote professional and skill development among members, create networking opportunities, and help students connect to each other to form a community at TC.


PEN: Peace Education Network

PEN at TC is a community of educators, scholars, and activists who are committed to the field of Peace Education. We focus on the challenges facing practice by offering practical experience and skill-building opportunities through events such as workshops, brown-bag discussions and project visits.

MISSION STATEMENT   PEN exists to create a space for practitioners, scholars, and activists within and beyond Columbia University to come together and cross-pollinate ideas, build relationships, build community around the broadly defined field of Peace Education.


Psi Chi: The International Honor Society in Psychology

Psi Chi's purpose is to encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence in scholarship of the individual members of all fields, particularly in psychology, and to advance the science of psychology.

MISSION STATEMENT   To provide research and academic support for psychology graduate students, as well as a platform to promote graduate student research across the applied psychological disciplines. In this effort, Psi Chi facilitates networking and collaboration between students in the Clinical, Counseling, Developmental, School, and Social Organizational psychology programs; disseminates information, and fosters personal and professional growth.


QTC: Queer TC

QTC is an all inclusive lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ) and allied organization dedicated to providing social, educational and advocacy opportunities for Teachers College, Columbia University students.


RSG: Rural Student Group

RSG is a support system for rural students at TC and a network for those interested in rural education and healthcare. RSG honors intersectionality among rural identity and other marginalized social identities. RSG furthers research, practice, and programming focused on rural education and health.

MISSION STATEMENT     The Rural Student Group at Teachers College strives to provide a support system for rural students studying at Teachers College, form a network of students, staff, and faculty focused on rural educational and healthcare issues, honor intersectionality among rural identity and other marginalized social identities, further research and practice around rural educational and healthcare topics, and create and host programming on rural educational and healthcare issues.


SAA: Student Advocates for the Arts

Founded in 2002 by graduate students in the Arts Administration Program at Teachers College, Columbia University, SAA engages students in hands-on lobbying, workshops on advocacy and cultural policy, and discussions on the American system for funding the arts.


Society for Anthropological Studies

The Society for Anthropological Studies is a student organization committed to increasing awareness of cultural anthropology as a powerful lens through which academic research can be honed and progressive action taken.

MISSION STATEMENT   The Society for Anthropological Studies (SAS) aims to serve and advocate for the interests of graduate students at Teachers College who have a sustained and professional investment in the discipline of anthropology. It seeks to share the varied and unique perspectives of anthropology with the broader academic community.


School Psychology Club

School Psych Club seeks to initiate, promote, and foster the academic, professional, and social opportunities available to the students in the School Psychology Program. Additionally, we seek to create awareness of the field of school psychology within the Teachers College community.


Society for International Education

The Society for International Education (SIE) is a student-based organization at Teachers College, Columbia University. The goal of SIE is to promote an academic, professional, and social network for students and alumni/ae who share a special interest in the field of international and comparative education development.SIE strives to be an excellent source for professional and social resources and events.


Spark Notes

The Spark Notes are TC's very own co-ed a cappella group! We sing a variety of songs, from Sam Smith to Amy Winehouse to Nina Simone. We are a diverse, music-loving group of TC students who are always ready to live out our Pitch Perfect dreams!

MISSION STATEMENT    The Spark Notes seek to accomplish a platform for all students in all departments at Teachers College to share their love for singing using only voices (no instruments or accompaniment) within our group and within the larger community as a platform to inspire and share our love for the vocal arts.


TCTC: Teachers College Taiwanese Club

TCTC is dedicated to promoting friendship among students from Taiwan and between Taiwanese students and other peoples. The club also promotes the appreciation of the cultures and the heritages of Taiwanese people of all nationalities and ethnic groups.


TESOL/AL Roundtable

The TESOL/AL Roundtable is a student-run organization designed to allow students to present research in an informal environment, share knowledge of upcoming events, and engage in dialogue with other TESOL/AL enthusiasts.

MISSION STATEMENT    Our goal is to allow students to research in an informal environment, to share knowledge of the field, and to strengthen the sense of community within our disciplines.