Refugee Education Research and Projects


We are a growing team of professors, graduate students, and alumni conducting research and implementing programs to better understand the experiences and needs of teachers and students in refugee contexts. We are comprised of two groups working in camp and urban settings. Teachers for Teachers is a research-based teacher professional development initiative operating in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya that delivers teacher training, coaching, and mobile mentoring. Urban Refugee Education is a research study conducted on the experiences of refugees in urban contexts in Ecuador, Lebanon, and Kenya.

Please take a look at the following pages which include information about our program design and research, as well as photos, videos, and stories directly from the teachers that we work with in Kenya.


Two teachers discuss learning at a refugee camp in Kenya

Teachers for Teachers

The Teachers for Teachers initiative in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya supports refugee and Kenyan teachers in their efforts to improve their own teaching practice and student learning in the camp.

Students in an urban refugee classroom

Urban Refugee Education

The increasing urbanization of the world’s displaced people presents unique obstacles to displaced children attempting to attend local schools, despite their widely recognized right to do so, according to a report released by Teachers College.

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