International and Comparative Education Program

Welcome to the International & Comparative Education program

The role that education can play in mitigating the challenges that we currently face in the U.S. and around the world has never been more promising or more daunting. We need critical thinkers and innovators who will aim to develop programs, create policies, and conduct research that seek to ensure equity, equality, peace, and sustainability. Each year a diverse group of students from around the world come to Teachers College to study International & Comparative Education with our renowned faculty and to prepare themselves to make lasting contributions to these efforts.

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Our program has two tracks in both our master’s and doctoral degrees. Comparative and International Education is focused on deep academic study in the social sciences, and International Educational Development focuses on improving policies and practices in the field.

Students who pursue Comparative and International Education (CIE) focus on rich academic study and research in the social sciences. Graduate students in CIE often choose concentrations in Anthropology, Economics, History, Philosophy, Politics, and Sociology.

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Students focusing in our professional track, International Educational Development (IED), put theory into practice by specializing in an educational field. Graduate students in this track often choose concentrations in 1) Global Governance, Policy, and Planning 2) Human Rights, Emergencies, and Peacebuilding and 3) Multilingual and Decolonial Dimensions of Education

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