Degrees & Requirements

Degrees and Requirements

The International and Comparative Education Program has two separate tracks, Comparative and International Education (CIE) and International Educational Development (IED). CIE is based on an academic discipline in the social sciences, while IED is based on a professional specialization of education. Students in both tracks specify a concentration (see Fields of Study). Students may also choose to focus on a geographical area of interest -- e.g. Africa, the Caribbean, Central Asia, East Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and the U.S. (for a transcultural/immigration focus.

Program requirements include work in four areas: a core curriculum, a concentration that is either an academic discipline (for CIE track) or a professional field of education (for IED track), courses with a transcultural or geographic focus, and elective credits.

The program is designed to be as flexible as possible so that previous educational and professional experience and the future career goals of the student can be taken into account in the choice of appropriate course work. Students are expected to assume major responsibility for formulating, in cooperation with their faculty advisor, a plan of study that will best meet the general program requirements in a way that is most compatible with their own professional goals.



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