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Please describe your first week as a teacher. Is your experience different today?

I am Chaltu Megesha Gedo. I joined teaching back in the year 2014. I vividly remember that day when I joined teaching back in the dear 2014, date seven, January. It was one of the happiest moments in my life. I went to class with two hundred and fifty give children. These were class one learners. These are children ages between 5-10 years.

I got into the class and I was mesmerized. I actually did not know where to turn to because the learners were so many. Some were fighting, some were crying, some were playing games. I stood there for more than twenty minutes telling them to keep quiet but it all fell onto deaf ears. I tried to use a cane but no one listened to me. I ran out of the class very furious and frustrated. I went to the office and called one of my colleagues who came and made them settle down to begin a lesson. I had to start teaching almost at the end of the last lesson. 

I am grateful to the Columbia University and all the concerned persons who made it possible for us/me to attend the training and become a different teacher. I have also more techniques and strategies I can use to make the learners be attentive and feel safe being in class. I am now feeling more comfortable being in class and teaching the learners since I have the different methodologies I can use to keep the learners in class. I used to be a reactive teacher but due to different skills and experiences I gained in the trainings I am now a proactive teacher and I really appreciate the people who are taking us through the trainings.

I am still looking forward to gaining more and more skills to help me in my teaching. Back then when I joined teaching and now, I prefer it now because I can say NOW, I am among the BEST teachers in the camp. THANK YOU, GOD BLESS YOU!