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Please explain what you like about being a teacher. What would you like to learn about to help you improve teaching?

What I like about being a teacher is that teaching helps me acquire literacy, numeracy, creativity, and communication skills for my future use and I also apply this to the learners I teach in school. It helps me enjoy teaching, and with teaching I also learn from it and from my learners I add my knowledge in other subjects. Therefore, I tend to develop the desire to continue learning and teaching the learners. Being a teacher also helps in the development of critical thinking and logical judgement for the benefit of the learners in the classroom when teacher. It helps in appreciation and respect for the dignity of work as a teacher. Here, to be a teacher, you have to respect the work duties and the people you work with and also learners. To be a teacher, it helps in the development of self-discipline, being confident at work as a teacher and also to be physically fit and healthy in mind. This gives me courage in teaching. The teacher provides opportunities for the child to act appropriately and get some badly needed attention, give him or her responsibilities and to provide praise. This is what I really like about being a teacher. It helps me learn many methods as I can for a child to take ownership for his/her inappropriate behavior, prove him or her with how should that have been handled and how will it be handled next time. Being a teacher provides me with activities that bring forth leadership in a positive way and the better strategies and skills which I can use in teaching learners in school and in the community. Being a teacher helps me to be a role model and this helps me teach the learners / students through role playing in order to know their role – for example the value of knowing when to tattle and how to solve their own problems instead of tattling. This always takes time and it requires you to put so many scenarios together for practice.

 What would you like to learn about to help you improve teaching?

  • I would like to learn about healthy and safe environments and in turn teach key concepts of lessons in various subjects, topics and syllabus in the educational curriculum to the learners
  • To learn about how to organize the classes to support and learn, healthy, protective environments which can improve the learning processes (classroom management)
  • As a teacher, I should always preservice and in-service training on life skills, child-centered and participatory teaching methods to improve my teaching
  • Ensure to promote gender, sensitivity and peer-education (teaching in the classroom and encourage group discussion with learners.
  • Able to teach the appropriate interactions, responses, and anger management in me and in learners themselves
  • Able to use role play and drama to improve the teaching of various lessons and including activities needed for refreshing the minds of learners
  • Able to teach routines and expectations within the classroom and around the school background (compound)
  • I should be able to guide and counsel my learners whenever they are in the wrong
  • I would like to learn the new curriculum to plan the lessons which can make the lesson to be taught in a better way
  • I would like also to create an inclusive and conducive learning environments which enables learners to learn in an appropriate way
  • I would also like to learn how to motivate learners and make the learners more comfortable in learning
  • I should be more creative in any activities in the classroom which would be relevant to lessons
  • I would like to learn how to select the lesson objectives that will enable the learners to understand the lesson content