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What is your role as a teacher in Kakuma? Why do you think refugee education is important?

My role as a teacher in Kakuma is first of all to teach my students with the aim of preparing their better future life.To control the school, unite my students, discipline them and educate them through collaboration with both I and their parents is also another role which is compulsory to me and that helps me handling my students as my own ones. Scheming, lesson planning, and transmitting knowledge is an important role that makes my learners and I be confident because of being well prepared before I get to class. Fulfilling my duties as a teacher like testing my students through asking them oral questions before or after a lesson, giving them written questions daily, weekly, monthly or termly in order to check their progress is an unavoidable role to me as a well-trained teacher. To mark the students’ work, motivating them and promoting them at the end of the year is my role.

Refugee education is important because first of all, refugees are people like any other people, which means the life of a refugee is not limited. None is born to be a refugee but it happens. So refugee education is important because it helps a refugee to estimate him/herself to feel confident even to open his or her mind and to be open to the others. It is also important because it unites refugees from different backgrounds in one common development of life and they feel like they are one people, while they are protected by UNHCR which is a donor to them. This also helps a refugee not to lose hope but to feel proud of him/herself that once repatriated or resettled can still survive however conditions are. (Not only the stated above). Also education is universal, things that can make a refugee who is interested feel being his/her domain and feel that he/she can improve more things in life like any other people in the world.

Education is important for refugees because it promotes national goals, national unity and provides knowledge and skills on how to be self-reliant.