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Do your students bring you joy?

It seemed vividly in my mind to recall the happiness with my special needs students to whom some of them reached class eleven. When I started teaching, they kept attentive and continued helping me if I erred the words. That way they make me happy and I appreciated them very well.

Secondly I was the first special needs trained teacher following all untrained teachers, which made my colleagues focus on my teaching. Even those who had some issues at home made it to where I was located in school or in leisured places looking for help with either letters to public institutes or oral advice. In this way made my heart melted with joy and used my ability to serve them as they needed in any circumstance. Similarly, deaf children always need my accompanionship anywhere whether they are/were going to school down country - no one was found like me to have accompanied them on their way to receiving their need. I leave my duty behind and accompanied them back to my work after theirs was completed. In that way this pleasure will burn my heart like a fire in dry grassland. That way made my name famous and a respected member in any community where special needs students are located as well as the country in general because the special needs students tried to refuse going to school, like the sponsorship searches where I will be, so I can offer advice to students and return him/her back to the normal studies. This is their future to make them proud in life. I can’t blame myself or despise them because they made my present as their past, present and future examples. I think about them all the time because they bring me respect to be able to go somewhere and I will walk tall in everyday life. The children with special needs are my great delight and I will never forget them until further notice. My learners were the example of my happiness. They are my joy which will be present for ever.

What lessons do your students enjoy the most? What is your favorite activity to do with your students?

It is good to describe the lesson I enjoy and I am well pleased to tell and explain more about it. My favorite subject/lesson is English which I shouldn’t miss for one day even whatsoever, or I had been in heavy duty. What made me enjoy English is because we the deaf were not able to talk and hear. We should then be in good writing in English which I sacrificed myself for the sake of that subject because I don’t like that my new world (the deafs) should be poor in their life. It is better to know how to write in English and not be weak in two ways. During my English lesson I kept grouping my students for some debates how to compare the life from good and bad. Discussion helps themselves regardless if they are active or less active. In this way I let them learn and understand the lesson very quickly and I became as I was on top of the world. Sometimes, we keep voting for storytelling and I pick one student who should narrate the previous life style compared to this new one as I continue engaging them. In this way learners will engage to add more in composing ideas whether in writing and manual communication because the deaf using sign language which is done with hands that way I observed that English is a key to success.

I thought one day my learners will be able to know more in life than is keyed by English because everyone understands one another by the way they speak, and no other language, only the common one (English). I assigned myself to be an English teacher or if I will be able to extend my level higher and be a lecturer to spread this subject to all places. Even to those who are far from cities. The above explanation made my conscience focus on English as my first and favorite subject followed by Christian Religion Education (or Religious education) as well as the new language, which is just for the deafs only, the sign language.