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Do your students bring you joy? What lessons do they enjoy the most? What is your favorite activity to do with your students?




















My students bring me joy or rather give me joy when I least anticipated or expected. In the morning when I begin class and having to start my day with the teaching the least of all the things I will want to do to start off my day. However, all this feeling of distress is diminished when I get to ask my students about the things they have been doing that interests them. That actually gives me the opportunity to get to know my students (Their backgrounds and their self esteem) and they discuss what they love doing. This can in turn give me the hint to evaluate myself or how to teal with my students. It also gives my students the chance and opportunity to relate with me and ask me questions or thing they may want to know about me. My students also give me joy when they portray accepted behaviors toward others, such as teachers and their fellow students. For instance, maintaining discipline in school and outside school however one of my biggest joys is when my students get to finish their assignments and also get to pass their end of year examinations. This is the greatest concern because it proves my hard work as a teacher and my expectations. It also gives me the opportunity to evaluate myself and my students on the activities we have been undertaking. 

My students love doing mathematics and with that I can say they enjoy math the most. I am a math and English teacher, teaching both subjects in standard five. When teaching math, my students tend to grasp the content and the concepts faster than I had anticipated it. They become most creative, innovative, curious and also critical thinkers when answering math questions. Thus in most cases I am only left to direct the lessons and provide the materials that may be needed for the lesson, as most work is done by my students.

My favorite activity to do with the learners/students is a game since it makes my students become more actively engaged in learning. This has been evident when I first tried gaming strategies in my class. It was an English lesson on nouns. I designed flashcards with different letters on them and after having explained what nouns are, I divided my class into three columns and asked each column to choose the letters and after they all chose, I again asked them to write down in their exercise books all the nouns that start with the letters they have on their flashcards. The results I got were tremendous and encouraging because all the students wrote down at least two nouns in their notebook even if they didn’t actually know the meaning of those nouns.