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‌What do you hope for your students? What will their futures be like?

I am Mwalimu Aperi Simon, a South Sudanese residing in Kakuma Refugee Camp, age 26. I became a teacher in the year 2012 and later decided to get a Bachelor Degree in Education at the University of Masinde Muliro University. My purpose in studying education is to transform students into a valuable member of society, multiply their strengths and increase wisdom for the development of creative individuals. To shape individuals so as they become useful members of the society and manipulate their environments and train students for various roles and responsibilities in life.

Hope for my students

  • I hope to show to students that each of them can make a difference. That they are significant and they matter. I hope to provide structure and boundaries so that students can feel free and have enough room to experiment in play in the sandbox that history can be.
  • I hope to be criticized by constructive parents for teaching their children liberal ideas. I hope to be so objective that students and parents are unable to determine my political affiliation.
  • I hope to empower students so that they are ready to attend college if that’s what they desire.
  • It is my hope as a teacher to raise the awareness that movement excites the brain and optimizes learning.
  • I hope that my students will feel comfortable taking risks and tackling challenges as they learn.

What will their future be like?

  • They can be able to interact with others safely through acquiring knowledge and skills.
  • Brighter students
  • They are able to solve life challenges for their future
  • Role models and leadership they are able to transform and they are able to bring positive transformation to the world.
  • Responsible and supportive for their future it helps them to develop trust building
  • Influencing the society that is being badgered into a meaningful society and educate the society with skills and knowledge
  • They will be concerned and caring in society.