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Describe a time when you felt the impact of your work as a teacher. 

I am Sito Lotulo Impasio. I am South Sudanese residing in Kakuma Refugee Camp – Kenya. I came to Kakuma as a refugee in 1995 and joined education system where I finally completed form 4 in 2012. I joined the teaching fraternity in June, 2013. I have currently been teaching for four years.

In fact, teaching is a challenging task. I took it through self-dedication and interest of transforming the society through education. Based on my experiences after having attended a long course with the Teachers for Teachers program I was able to deduce some positive changes and impacts of the training. Actually, I’ve not gone for any professional training in teacher but it’s the zeal in me that motivated me to serve the refugee children. 

Teachers for Teachers program equipped me with enough knowledge since 2015 up to today through the trainings they offered. The major impact of my work is seen in the performance of my students – after having been trained in Pedagogy, I acquired some knowledge and skills on how to professionally get prepared in order to deliver quality knowledge to my students.

  • I avoided canning/lashing in classroom as way of disciplining student (corporal punishment)
  • I liaised with parents to handle any matter related to children’s behaviors
  • I guided and counselled students who are frustrated
  • I educated students to help others in the classroom

Due to the above reasons, the performance of my students changed from low to high level. Therefore, we should all join hands to support our students. The attitude of a teacher towards a student determines the performance of the learner. If a teacher is too harsh to his/her students, they can get frustrated and discouraged – hence missing concentration in class. The learners will always think of being beaten than being taught. That is why ¾ of students in Kakuma are always at risk of failing exams.

Bravo!! To Teachers for Teaches team, well-wishers who have extended to give for the purpose of child’s well-being in the entire globe. Kindly let us all pray for the project to grow because it has a great positive impact in the growth of students.

 By Sito.