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The School Law Institute

JULY 9-13, 2018


This course should be a requirement for every New York City public school teacher."

-High School Placement Counselor


“The Institute helped me further understand the underpinnings that shape the nature of my work. It is the best investment I have made thus far as a student at Teachers College.” 

-M.A. Candidate, Sociology and Education


An excellent introduction to the legal issues that contextualize the private and public education systems we work in. A must for administrators.” 

-Public School Teacher


I feel more empowered moving forward because of the information I learned this week. Take the Law Institute. You will be glad you did.”

-Public School Teacher 


Outstanding. I have been attending school law seminars for years, and none can touch the breadth or depth of this program.



The single most important, relevant, and thought-provoking course I’ve taken at TC.

- Ph.D. Candidate, Science Education


“Teaching is an incredibly demanding profession. The School Law Institute provides an understanding of the complex system of rules which frame our reality.”

-Ph.D Candidate, Education


I found the course incredibly empowering, and I left every session energized.”



"gained a comprehensive understanding of key topics in education law and policy. I am motivated and inspired to positively impact the field of education and the laws and policies that drive outcomes as a result of this rich experience.”

-Third Grade Teacher; Doctoral Candidate, Applied Behavior Analysis


“The School Law Institute really enlightened me about the laws that impact me as an educator."

- High School Mathematics Teacher


“The School Law Institute provided an invigorating overview of key issues facing educators today, exploring ideas and providing real guidance through stimulating discussion and inspiring teachers and speakers. I would recommend it to anyone working in schools or concerned in any way about education.”

–Child Advocate and Lawyer


The Institute managed in a mere five days to hit on all the hot button issues facing education and educators."

-School Board Member

“The course was full of information and emotion and I feel like I became a better researcher, teacher and citizen."

- Graduate Student


”With over 25 years of teaching, I still came across new and relevant information that would aid and steer the next 20 years of my professional practice and career."

- Primary Technology Integrator


The School Law Institute provides incredibly practical information on a wide array of issues that every educator, lawyer, policymaker, parent…would benefit from knowing” 

-M. Ed. Candidate, Politics and Education 


Finally, a comprehensive School Law Institute with outstanding expert presenters who examine recent developments in school law and the impact on our educational practice.”

-Assistant Superintendent


“This was a week well spent, full of informative and provoking sessions with national leaders in education.” 

-Policy Analyst


The best of the best! Sessions were very informative and useful. Wish law school had been like this!” 

-School Attorney


“[The School Law Institute] offered an invaluable experience. The practitioners and/or experts in the field of education were informative, useful, relevant, and significant for learning from the past, preparing for today’s educational environment, and encouraging proactive participation for tomorrow. I enjoyed the institute tremendously.”  

-High School Teacher 


“One of the most applicable classes I’ve taken at TC!”

-College Access Professional


The Law Institute modeled everything we know is true about great instruction! As a district administrator, all of the information presented is practical and applicable to my job on a daily basis."

-District Administrator, Fairfield Public Schools 


“I had hoped to gain some knowledge, but this has reinvigorated me and far exceeded my expectations.” 

-Ed.D Candidate, Urban Education Leadership Program


The School Law Institute not only provides an overview of current school law and issues, but does what few classes can- it teaches application of these laws, allowing the participants to truly grasp the importance and effects of what is being taught.” 

-Teacher, Special Education


I walked away feeling hopeful....” 

-Ed. D. Candidate, Urban Education Leadership Program


What a phenomenal week! I have taken part in many professional development programs, and this has been one of the best. This should be a required course for all teachers. Thought-provoking and well-organized. It was a week very well spent.

-High School English Teacher 


“The Institute covers a massive variety of topics in a short, but unbelievably effective manner.” ”

-Teacher and Mentor 


I’ve learned so much that is valuable to my major and future job. A policy maker will need to know about education law issues and this class provided so much useful information in a fun and engaging way.”

-M.A. Candidate, Education Leadership, Policy, and Politics


As a lawyer and prospective teacher, this course was invaluable. The topics are not only interesting, but essential to every teacher’s knowledge base.”



“I firmly believe that this institute has prepared me for my career as a future educator.”

-M.A. Candidate, Science Education


This course should be a requirement for all who operate under the TC umbrella! It was absolutely fascinating, relevant, and full of crucial information on the teaching profession.”  

-Teacher, Special Education


The School Law Institute inspires confidence in the capacity of our educational and legal systems to lead intelligently with important issues/challenges.”  

-Public School Administrator


This Institute should be required for superintendents, principals, board members, and other policy makers.”  


As a teacher in the NYC public school system, the information I acquired will benefit not only my classroom practices but can also help guide my school's policies.”  

-M.A. Candidate, Politics & Education


As a principal – aspiring superintendent – this course has been invaluable.”  

-School Principal, Urban Education Leadership Program  


“The School Law Institute served as the nexus between varying groups in education and as a wonderful introduction to my graduate studies. I recommend the Institute to all people involved in, passionate about, or advocates of sound education.”

-M.A. Candidate, Education Policy


Every issue we touched upon this week is an issue that we have dealt with over the last couple of years. I feel more confident in my knowledge of these topics now.

-Teacher, Special Education


“This was so helpful and engaging for anyone interested in school policy or law. I highly recommend it. It was both practical and intellectually stimulating.

-Middle School Social Studies Teacher


The School Law Institute is an informative, cogent, and interesting experience that is immediately applicable for the practice of teachers and school leaders.”  

-Teacher, Fairfield Public Schools


“As a teacher with an undergraduate degree in education policy, this was enormously helpful and engaging. No matter your background, you can learn something new.”

-Uncommon Schools Kindergarten Teacher


The School Law Institute was a wonderful and unique experience. I learned so much about a variety of legal issues affecting education from a range of dynamic, engaging professionals.

-M.A. Candidate, Education Policy


“The institute provides a wonderful opportunity for professional development through access with current topics, law, and research.

-Professor, Suffolk University


I could not have predicted the extraordinary breadth of issues we were lucky to be exposed to.

-Ed.D Candidate, Urban Education Leadership Program


“This experience has been an extraordinary opportunity! My perspective on a number of issues has been defined. Prior to attending the institute, I was indifferent or uninformed on a number of issues despite my strong passion for educational equity. However, the readings, lectures, and insight from peers have helped to develop my perspective on a number of issues. This experience has definitely strengthened my critical thinking, honed my communication skills, and pushed me to be more reflective about the complexities in this education reform movement."”  



The School Law Institute has been officially endorsed by the National School Boards Association.