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Teachers College, Columbia University
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The School Law Institute

JULY 9-13, 2018

2018 Topics

School Safety Issues

  • The Schools’ Authority to Regulate and Punish On- and Off-Campus Student and Staff Misconduct
  • Student Searches and Drug Testing
  • Child Abuse Reporting and Prevention: The Schools' Responsibility
  • Tort Liability: The Schools’ Legal Responsibility for Injuries to Students and Staff
  • Internet, Social Media, and Cyberbullying

Equity Issues

  • Racial Equity and Public Schools Under Attack
  • Affirmative Action: The Permissible Use of Race, Ethnicity, and SES in Student Assignment and Admissions
  • Exploring the Effects of Racial Attitudes in K-12 Education: Implicit Bias and the School-to-Prison Pipeline
  • Bullying; Harassment based on Gender, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Race, Ethnicity, National Origin, and Religion
  • Critical Changes in Immigration Law, Policy, and Practice (The Rights of Immigrants, DACA, and Sanctuary Cities)
  • Law and Policy affecting immigrant students: language, education, and immigration enforcement
  • Fiscal Equity and the Right to an Adequate Education
  • Accelerating Achievement Using Heterogeneous Grouping; Student Detracking
  • Educational Accountability of Educators, Schools, Districts, and States

Charter Schools, Voucher Programs, and Other Forms of School Choice

Serving Individuals with Disabilities

  • The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (I.D.E.A.): Legal, Policy, and Implementation Issues
  • Section 504 and ADA Title II

Standards and Accountability

  • Student Accountability: Testing for Student Tracking, Promotion, and Graduation
  • Educational Accountability of Educators, Schools, Districts, and States; ESSA

Free-Speech Issues, including the Internet and Cyberbullying

  • Student Free Speech
  • Teacher Free Speech
  • Internet, Social Media, and Cyberbullying

Educators and the Law

  • Improving Collaboration between Educators, Lawyers, Researchers, and Parents
  • Practicing Preventive Law
  • Using the Law to Advance Important Educational Priorities
  • Keeping Current on Legal Developments
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