Student Handbook

Welcome to Teachers College, Columbia University

Whether you are a first-year master’s or doctoral student in ‌one of our many programs, or you are transferring from another institution, we’re pleased to have you as part of the TC community. Students who are involved in and around their school community are more likely to be satisfied with their graduate school experience, persist to graduation, and become leaders in their profession. Teachers College offers its students many opportunities to participate in events inside and outside the classroom, including our student organizations and a wide variety of resources to assist you in achieving your goals. This handbook lists many of those resources, but our most valuable resource is our staff. I encourage you to speak with a member of the TC community when you have questions. Students are also welcomed to contact the Office of Graduate Student Life and Development.

On behalf of the Office of Graduate Student Life and Development, we look forward to helping you achieve your educational, professional, and personal goals. Once again, welcome to Teachers College! Best wishes for a safe, healthy and productive year.

Mission Statement

To establish Teachers College as an institution that actively attracts, supports and retains diverse students, faculty and staff at all levels, demonstrated through its commitment to social justice, its respectful and vibrant community and its encouragement and support of each individual in the achievement of their full potential.

About This Handbook

Non-Discrimination Policy

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