About TC

Teachers College, Columbia University

Teachers College was founded in 1887 to provide a new kind of schooling for the teachers of poor, immigrant children in New York City. Teachers College faculty members serve as the graduate faculty of education, psychology and allied health professions of Columbia University. Teachers College became affiliated with Columbia University in 1898, but remains a financially independent institution with its own president and trustees. To date, Teachers College has educated nearly 100,000 individuals from around the world. The College, through its programs, faculty and students, is concerned with teaching, learning, and promoting mental and physical well-being across the lifespan and in a variety of settings, situations, and institutions. In addition to preparing women and men for careers of professional service in schools, colleges, universities, clinics, hospitals, day-care centers, business organizations, community agencies, government bureaus, and research facilities, the College provides opportunities for continuing professional development and training in these fields.

Teachers College has introduced and established academic disciplines that are now in the curriculum of almost every school of education, including educational administration, student personnel administration, international and comparative education, nutrition education, and the education of the gifted.

TC faculty members have played major roles in the creation of academic fields. Today, more than 5,000 students, in programs leading to both masters and doctoral degrees, study at Teachers College in fields ranging from clinical psychology to movement sciences to curriculum and teaching. Around 150 full-time faculty members teach and conduct research in the New York City schools, as well as around the nation and the world.

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