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Communication & Technology

Your University Network ID (UNI) gives you access to your courses via the myTC Portal (also referred to as "myTC"), as well as access to library resources such as bibliographic searching and other College and University assets.

After you have been admitted and paid your tuition deposit, you will be able to retrieve your UNI. To do so, you need to activate your new account and choose a password that meets the requirements. Visit the myTC Portal,  click on the “Help” link and then click on “Your UNI”. Click on the link to “Activate UNI or Email”, accept the policies, and type the information requested.  You can then log into the myTC Portal, and click on the Gmail icon on the upper right to accept the terms and conditions there. Then close the browser, reopen it, click on the Gmail icon again, and you will open a window or tab with your TC Gmail account.

TC Gmail accounts are kept for life after graduation. If a student does not register again but does not graduate, the TC Gmail account stays active for three more semesters.

Students also have a Columbia email address,, which is forwarded to the TC Gmail account.  For those who had previously forwarded the Columbia email (also known as CubMail or Cyrus mail), that forwarding remains in effect.

If you are also an employee, any access to employment-related email accounts or other resources is discontinued on the last day of employment for the particular office.


MyTC is a customizable, interactive web portal that acts as the “door” to TC Apps and the Message Center, as well as other resources. TC Apps include your TC Gmail account. The portal comes with a variety of “information channels” such as college and course announcements, news, links to courses (Moodle), the Student Information System and search engines. To access myTC go to  MyTC requires a Columbia University Network Identifier (UNI) and password. The password is obtained by activating your account at

In order to sync your mobile phone to TC Gmail, you need to get the Google Sync Code (Note: The Sync Code is not your UNI password).

The Google Sync Code is available in the myTC Portal within the Search & Help Tab. Click on "Reset My Codeto retrieve the code.  You will need to use this code as the password for your mobile access.

For more information about using mobile devices, please visit Computing & Informational Services (CIS). Detailed instructions for setting up IOS, Android and other types of devices can be found within the TC Apps tab.

Computing and Information Services (CIS) provides a Student Computing Support Center in 242 Horace Mann Hall with 70 PCs and Macs, scanners and printers, two micro-computer-equipped classrooms (the Goodman Family Computer classroom in 234 Horace Mann Hall and; the 345 Macy Lab), and the Instructional Media Lab and recording studio (IML, located in 265 Macy and recording studio in 259 Macy, with video and sound recording and editing, DVD burning and other multi-media development resources).

Our staff is available to assist you with routine tasks and problems; problems requiring special attention are addressed by appointment. You can find more information about these facilities on our website.

Printing is available in the computer labs, library, cafeteria, 10th floor of Whittier Hall, and the Everett Student Lounge.  Students are provided with a quota of 20 free double-sided pages per week with the ability to purchase extended printing at very low cost.


TC uses Canvas as its course management system. This system allows you to access information about your courses including syllabi, course materials, announcements, on-line discussions, and chat sessions. The classes in which you are enrolled are automatically listed in Canvas.

To access your courses in Canvas, click on the Courses tab in the myTC portal and click on Canvas. Once in the system, you have access to the courses you are taking or teaching.

Teachers College uses TC Gmail as the preferred way of communicating important and official information with its students. Students are required to activate the Columbia University Network ID (UNI) which includes access to the myTC portal and a TC Gmail account.

Students are responsible for being aware of official messages sent to that account. Teachers College expects that every student will receive email at this College Gmail address and will read email on a frequent and consistent basis. A student’s failure to receive and read College communications in a timely manner does not absolve that student from knowing and complying with the content of such communications.

All use of email must be consistent with all Teachers College and Columbia University policies. In particular, see TC policy on Acceptable Use and CU Policy on Acceptable Usage of Information Resources

Access to the Internet is available throughout campus via both wired and wireless means. There are public workstations in labs, the library, Everett Lounge, and kiosks around the College. From outside the College, students find that broadband connections are essential to access the more bandwidth intensive College resources.

The Message Center is accessed through myTC, and gives you a customizable list of announcements and classifieds for the TC Community. By clicking on “Preferences” at the bottom of the Message Center channel, you can customize how you receive notification of the different categories of messages. If you choose to customize your settings in this way, you will receive a weekly summary of activities as well as various official announcements.

Email lists are maintained for all currently registered students for announcements from College administration and the Student Senate. There are also lists for each major, and you will receive news from your program through the lists. If you join a student organization, you may be placed on that organization’s list. Reading these announcements will keep you current with upcoming events as well as important deadlines.


Each unit in student residences has an Ethernet jack. Any resident student with a personal computer (PC/Mac) that meets the required minimum configurations including ongoing anti-virus and operating system updating can connect to the Internet at high-speed, and access resources like Email and the World Wide Web. You will find more information on using your computer on the College network at . In particular, you should follow the suggestions outlined in the following Computer Security paragraph.

Site-licensed software such as Matlab, NVivo, McAfee virus protection, and Endnote bibliographic database program is available to you without charge. These are accessible via download from myTC or in 234HM. Visit and click on “Software and Tools” in the TC bookmarks channel.

Active Students or Alumni who are employees who are terminated for cause will have their TC Gmail account disabled and have a replacement UNI generated with a new TC Gmail account.  Arrangements can be made in coordination with the employee’s former supervisor and HR for any request to retrieve personal information from disabled account.

ACS holds a series of technology training workshops each semester. Information regarding schedules, fees and, orientation materials is available on our website at Click on "Jump to" on the upper right of the TC Web homepage and select "Technology Support" from Quicklinks. Select the "Help & Training" option. You can also obtain this information in 234 Horace Mann Hall or the Student Computing Support Center in 242 Horace Mann Hall.

Student Computing Support

242 Horace Mann Hall
(212) 678-3304