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Library Resources

The Gottesman Libraries at Teachers College offer a diverse set of information services to meet the needs of faculty and students in all programs of the College. The library staff is dedicated to helping students find and use the information that they need for all of their academic work. In addition, both online and on-site services and facilities are organized to support the production of new intellectual materials for education, research, and development. The EdLab located in the library develops software, media, curriculum materials, and learning tools to support the work of students and faculty.

The Gottesman Libraries offer access to books, journals, online databases, and more in all academic areas of the College. Materials not in the library collections can be requested directly from a link on the library homepage. The Russell Hall facility provides both quiet and conversation areas, individual study carrels and group study rooms that can be reserved, computer work areas, and both wireless and wired network connections for laptops. The adaptive technology lab provides a variety of adaptive software and other special equipment for persons with disabilities. The library cafe offers coffee and snacks. Russell Hall is open most days of the year; evening and weekend hours vary with the academic calendar.

Teachers College students have access to all of the Columbia University libraries which, along with our library, comprise one of the world’s greatest research collections. Your TC ID card will allow you to enter and borrow from any Columbia library.

Columbia students, faculty and staff have reading access to most New York University libraries upon presentation of a current, valid Columbia I.D. Card. You can use your TC ID to enter the Bobst Library at New York University.

For access to materials in area libraries more generally, the Gottesman Libraries will provide a New York Metropolitan Reference and Research Library Agency (METRO) Referral Card for a specific title at one of the 250 member libraries if that title is not at Columbia or in the New York Public Library.

In addition, because of the Library’s membership in the Research Libraries Group (, Teachers College students are eligible for on-site access to the 93 member libraries, including Yale, Princeton and Rutgers universities.

When you visit the library in person, you can:

  • Borrow books and Teachers College dissertations
  • Use printed journals, videos and software
  • Print or copy materials using your student ID
  • Ask research questions of a reference librarian
  • Attend tours, book talks, and research workshops
  • Access a range of curriculum materials
  • Enjoy exhibits, including written publications and artwork, by members of the Teachers College community

From off-campus, you can:

  • Find out what books, journals and other items we own, by searching our online catalog, EDUCAT
  • Log in to a range of databases that let you locate and retrieve articles on education, psychology, medicine, nursing, linguistics, and more, via our home page
  • Search PocketKnowledge, the digital archive of Teachers College, for publications by members of the Teachers College community
  • Access the library’s online video collection and video discussion tool Vialogues (
  • Use Pundit, an intelligent course selection tool, to find courses of topics related to your interests
  • Use Ednode to find people in the Teachers College community who can become resources for your studies
  • Share your work with the Teachers College community on Pressible, the Teachers College online publishing network
  • Renew books that you have already checked out, request a hold or recall on books that others have checked out, and request books and articles that are not available at Teachers College or Columbia
  • Access reserve readings through electronic reserves
  • Ask a research question, by email, live chat or telephone call
  • Get help on questions relating to online classes
  • Reserve large or small group study rooms for onsite use
  • Teachers College

    Gottesman Libraries, Russell Hall
    (212) 678-3494

  • Columbia Area Studies

    309 International Affairs
    420 W. 118th St.
    (212) 854-8046

  • Architectural & Fine Arts Library

    300 Avery
    1172 Amsterdam Ave.
    (212) 854-3501

  • Barnard College Library

    3009 Broadway (Lehman Hall)
    (212) 854-3953

  • Biological Sciences Library

    601 Fairchild
    1212 Amsterdam Ave.
    (212) 854-4715

  • Burke Library at Union Theological Seminary

    3041 Broadway at W. 121st St.
    (212) 851-5606

  • Business & Economics

    3022 Broadway (130 Uris)
    (212) 854-7804

  • Butler Library

    535 W. 114th St.
    (212) 854-2271

  • Chemistry Library

    454 Chandler
    3010 Broadway
    (212) 854-4709

  • Columbia University Archives

    210 Low Library
    535 W. 116th St.
    (212) 854-3786

  • East Asian Library

    300 Kent
    1140 Amsterdam Ave.
    (212) 854-4318

  • Engineering Library

    422 S.W. Mudd
    500 W. 120th St.
    (212) 854-2976

  • Geology Library

    601 Schermerhorn
    1190 Amsterdam Ave.
    (212) 854-4713

  • Health Sciences Library

    701 W. 168th St.
    (212) 305-3605

  • Jewish Theological Seminary Library

    3080 Broadway at West 122nd St.
    (212) 678-8082

  • Journalism Library

    203 Journalism
    2950 Broadway
    (212) 854-0390

  • Law Library

    316 Greene
    435 W. 116th St.
    (212) 854-3922

  • Lehman Social Science Library

    300 International Affairs
    420 W. 118th St.
    (212) 854-417

  • Mathematics & Science Library

    303 Mathematics
    2990 Broadway
    (212) 854-4712

  • Music & Arts Library

    701 Dodge
    2960 Broadway
    (212) 854-4711

  • Physics/Astronomy Library

    Pupin, 8th Floor
    550 W. 120th St.
    (212) 854-3943

  • Psychology Library

    409 Schermerhorn
    1190 Amsterdam Ave.
    (212) 854-4714

  • Social Work Library

    1255 Amsterdam Ave. at W. 121st St.
    (212) 851-2194

  • Union Theological Seminary Library

    3041 Broadway
    (212) 280-1314

  • New York Public Libraries

    George Bruce Branch
    518 W. 125th St. at Amsterdam Ave.
    (212) 662-9727

    Morningside Heights Branch
    2900 Broadway at W. 113th St.
    (212) 864-2530

The Gottesman Libraries

525 West 120th Street
New York, NY 10027
(212) 678-3494

Monday - Friday, 8AM - 11PM
Saturday, 8 AM - 8 PM
Sunday, 9 AM - 10 PM