Office of Teacher Education

Office of Teacher Education

The Office of Teacher Education serves two primary functions: 1) ensuring that all students enrolled in programs leading to certification have met Teachers College and state requirements for that certification area; 2) supporting our student teachers, student teaching supervisors, cooperating teachers, partner schools, and TC teacher education programs with programming and networking opportunities that deepen teacher learning both at TC and in the field.   


Students in TC teacher education programs will engage with the Office of Teacher Education throughout their course of study at Teachers College.  Prior to the student teaching semester, students should consult the OTE website at or visit the office in 411 Zankel to ensure that they have taken the necessary steps to receive clearance to student teach.  At the end of each student teaching semester, students must submit their Record of Hours form to the Office of Teacher Education in order to document their student teaching experiences for graduation, certification, and future courses of study.  


The Office of Teacher Education also supports students across their time at Teachers College by documenting students’ completion of General Core in Liberal Arts and Sciences Requirements, offering required certification workshops on topics such as DASA, School Violence, and Child Abuse, and providing workshops and resources to help students prepare for required certification exams.  During a teacher education student’s last semester at Teachers College, students must submit an Institutional Recommendation Data Form to the Office of Teacher Education in order to formally document completion of all certification requirements and request an institutional recommendation for New York State certification.    


In addition to supporting TC students with certification requirements, the Office of Teacher Education offers programming, resources, and benefits for many of our stakeholders, including student teaching supervisors and Cooperating Teachers.  Explore our website at to learn more. 

Office of Teacher Education

411 Zankel Building
(212) 678-4057


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