Graduate Writing Center

Graduate Writing Center

As a branch of the Teachers College Student Affairs, Graduate Student Life & Development, the Graduate Writing Center has the following mission and vision.  


The mission of the Teachers College Graduate Writing Center is to provide a range of services designed to support all members of the TC community as writers and graduate students.  As a school of practitioners, we believe that writing is a tool that can help students connect theory and practice. While ensuring that students have access to the norms of academic English, our staff also believes that language expectations should be fluid, and we value the notion that effective writing utilizes multiple forms of communication. As graduate students from a variety of disciplines, we work with writers to adopt multiple paths to clarity. Consultants work to help students understand writing as a process and facilitate students in navigating this process on their own.

To advance these goals, we provide the following services:

  • One-to-one writing consultations for generating ideas, probing academic papers, or providing constructive feedback
  • Monthly Workshops on a variety of academic and professional topics
  • Periodic write-ins to provide a collaborative space for writing
  • Writing Retreats for doctoral and masters students during University breaks
  • Small, responsive mini workshops generated from consultant data and client feedback


The GWC is committed to providing equitable access to writing resources and seeks to address the needs of our community regardless of ability, native language, country of origin, as well as the myriad commitments of students pursuing graduate study in a city like New York. As a Center, we are committed to growth and foresee our community expanding to one that incorporates a range of academic resources beyond writing, and more online resources that further our goal of equitable access and self-directed learning.



Writing Consultations:

Meet one-on-one with a peer writing consultant about your specific writing needs. Writing consultants are TC students who have excellent writing skills and enjoy working with other students. Consultants come from a variety of disciplines across campus. Students can book a 30-minute or hour-long appointment up to two weeks in advance.

Walk-In Options:

The GWC holds walk-in hours during the Fall and Spring semesters. In cases where you have simple questions or want feedback on a very short piece, a writing consultant is available for brief (15 minutes) sessions. Check the website for dates and times of walk-in appointments.

Online Consulting:

The GWC offers online tutoring sessions for all TC students. Check the website for our Fall and Spring schedule.


Write-Ins take place during or before midterms and finals each semester. Here you will find a quiet place to work on your Doctoral dissertation or Master's thesis alongside other TC writers. Refreshments provided; space is limited.

Writing Workshops:

Hands-on workshops that address a variety of writing concerns relevant to graduate student writers are presented each month. Look for upcoming workshops, including Academic Writing, APA Formatting, Literature Reviews, Reading Responses, and more. Workshops are generally two hours, and free of charge for TC students.

Writers Retreats:

During every major academic break the GWC hosts a Writers Retreat, a small-group opportunity to write in solidarity with other Doctoral or advanced Masters students. A consultant will lead participants through goal-setting activities and discuss strategies for productive writing both during and after the retreat. Acceptance in the retreat is competitive and application-based.


Graduate Writing Center



Building 528, Suite 162

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