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Teachers College is dedicated to inclusion and equality for all. Our commitment to providing a safe and welcoming environment extends to students and scholars of every sexuality and gender identity. We offer every LGBTQ student and ally opportunities to study and conduct relevant scholarship, to avail themselves of an array of specialized support services, to socialize openly, and to become leaders of LGBTQ communities on and off campus.

My office works closely with faculty members, students, and alumni who comprise the Provost’s LGBTQ Working Group to develop, coordinate, and support innovative LGBTQ curricula and programming and supports TC’s Sexuality, Women, and Gender Project. TC also offers an LGBTQ Diversity Scholarship for students who want to make an impact on LGBTQ populations in the areas of health, education, and psychology. We partnered with the Tyler Clementi Foundation and placed our first LGBTQ Scholar in an internship with them.

Thanks to the all-inclusive Queer TC, LGBTQ students and allies have no shortage of social, educational, and advocacy opportunities.

And overseeing all of TC’s initiatives concerning community, diversity, civility, equity, and anti-discrimination is the Office of the Vice President for Diversity and Community Affairs, led by Janice Robinson. Vice President Robinson and her team also address issues from students, faculty, and staff related to these topics, as well as sexual assault and other gender-based misconduct concerns. The Office works collaboratively across the College and especially with the Vice Provost for Student Affairs, Tom Rock, and his team. We invite you to explore this site to learn more about TC’s LGBTQ community, scholarship, and programs. Don’t hesitate to contact Vice President Robinson or Vice Provost for Student Affairs Tom Rock with any questions.

Teachers College is constantly on the search to expand the offering of courses that represent and stimulates the study and research of all the diverse minorities of our population. Specifically related to LGBTQ studies, this list is a sample of some of the courses available at TC during for the current Academic Year. Please refer to our course catalog for more information.

For more information on the LGBTQ Diversity Scholarship, Certification and Training opportunities offered at the College, please click here

Teachers College offers LGBTQ-focused medical and counseling services through Columbia Health, committed to the well-being of all LGBTQ students with a wide range of services and support to help meet students’ needs. Please note that in order to access most of the resources administered by Columbia Health, such as the Columbia Counseling and Psychological Services, you must have successfully enrolled and paid the Columbia Health fee. Find more about the current Teachers College insurance and health fees here.

LGBTQ students may be reluctant to seek out counseling, treatment or support from health professionals, fearing judgment or misunderstanding. Columbia Health is aware of student concerns and works to be inclusive and welcoming to all students. Sexuality and sexual identity have emerged as fundamental areas of inquiry, leading to improvements in the health of lesbian, gay, and transgender populations in the US and around the world.

Some of the resources available through Columbia Health are:

  • LGBTQ specialized primary care physicians 
  • LGBTQ-friendly counseling & psychological services
  • Coming Out discussion group
  • Queer Academics at Columbia Group
  • HIV testing, prevention and treatment
  • Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP), Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), and urgent treatments
  • Continuation & maintenance of hormone therapy*
  • Care coordination for initiation of hormones and reassignment surgery*
  • Sexual Violence Response (SVR), fighting violence against and within the LGBTQ+ communities

Go to LGBTQ @ Columbia Health


*In coordination with Aetna Insurance network. Students need to be enrolled in the Columbia Aetna Insurance Gold or Platinum plan.  Find more about the current plans here.

QueerTC is the LGBTQ Student Organization at Teachers College, Columbia University that friendly include lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer members of the community, as well as allies, dedicated to create opportunities for the LGBTQ population at TC, to collaborate, communicate and be visible. We have currently over 138 members that are part of our meetings and receive a monthly newsletter, even though all our events are open to all the Columbia University community.

In the past year, we have created and developed several events and collaborations such as Spirit Day, in October, where we stand against bullying to the LGBTQ youth with the whole nation, as we became the first Graduate School in the country to be officially registered with GLAAD as a supporter of the date. In the same month, we celebrated National Coming Out Day with a forum discussion in collaboration with all the LGBTQ Student Organizations from the Columbia community (SIPA, Business School, CUCM and more) that was a safe and welcoming space to speak and communicate freely on the matter. We also collaborated with the TC Student Senate on two events part of the "Everything You Always Wanted To Know About…" series, developing two separate panels, one for the LGB people and one for the Trans community experience, trying to offer more information and human experiences to every student and member of TC. We also hold Q-llage, our annual festival/conference that since 2016 was renamed “QueerWeek" and focus on the multiple intersectionalities and identities that surround the multicultural LGBTQ experience here in the US and around the world. With a whole week and over 8 events, we bring speakers from across the country and the world to have a space to discuss Trans representation in the media, Queer Latinx experiences through film, Kiki / Ball culture in NYC, LGBTQ policies in Higher Education, among other topics.‌

For more information, contact and/or visit


Office of the Vice President for Diversity & Community Affairs

Zankel 128
(212) 678-3391

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