EBoard Signage

Posting to the eBoard

The TC eBoards are located near the main entrance of Teachers College (Zankel Hall), in the lobby of 528 West 121st St., in Horace Mann Lobby, and in the TC cafeteria and display daily and upcoming events at the College. It also incorporates electronic posters announcing upcoming events and important dates at the College. It is available to the community to post institutional announcements, advertisements for future events and events happening at TC with location information.

The content of the eBoard is for internal educational purposes and follows all fair use and copyright guidelines. It is divided into two sides: the left is for daily announcements and the right is for event posters.

There are three main categories information that will appear on the eBoard.

  • Institutional Announcements
  • Advertisements for future events
  • Events happening “Today at TC” with location information


The following types of information will not be approved for posting:

  • Sales of any type, except those sponsored by Teachers College.
  • Displays for private charity organizations (ex: Red Cross, Salvation Army, religious services).
  • Courses that are offered as part of the regular academic curriculum.
  • Meetings or events that are personal in nature and/or not related to the regular function of the College.

Information will be displayed in the following order of priority:

  • College-wide events with wide-community appeal (e.g., State of the College, President's Office, Commencement, Emergencies, Registration, Breaks)
  • Other college sponsored events (e.g., Sachs Lecture Series, Marx Lecture, career fairs)
  • Conferences sponsored by the Academic Program of the College
  • Events sponsored by the Office of Special Events
  • Workshops/Seminars (e.g., CEO&I offerings)
  • College-wide events sponsored by recognized student organizations. These must be approved by the Associate Dean for Enrollment and Student Services or the Office of Student Life.
  • Non-TC Events hosted at TC (e.g., Public School graduations, art shows)

Please see the eboard use guidelines for more information

To submit an eBoard for display, please log into the TC Portal first, and then click on the Submit Eboard Request link below.

If you are already logged in, you can submit the request here: Submit eBoard Request (I already have logged into the portal)


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