Who We Are

TC Generation Team

TC Generation

Tamara Vostok
Assistant Vice President, TC Generation
Kalena Marie Rosario

Omnichannel Integrated Marketing

Susan Scherman
Senior Director of Omnichannel Integrated Marketing
Meghan Casey
Associate Director of Omnichannel Marketing & Fundraising

Strategic Communications

Sara Clough
Senior Director of Strategic Communications
Jason Brooks
Director of Executive and Internal Communications
Patricia L. Lamiell
Director of Media Relations
Morgan Gilbard
Senior Manager, Digital Communications
Kristine Kamimura
Internal Communications Manager
Afrika Brown
Special Projects Writer
Sherri Gardner
Communications Writer
Jacqueline Teschon

Brand & Creative Studio

Ryan Huhn
Director of Brand and Creative Studio
Eugene Kearson
Project Manager
Nikki Marenbach
Graphic Designer
Hua-Chu Yen
Senior Multimedia Producer

Business Operations and Intelligence

Steven Mau
Executive Director, Business Operations and Intelligence

Advancement Services

Jasmin Braithwaite
Senior Director, Advancement Services
Lori Robbins
Director, Prospect Research
Kimberly Irizarri
Associate Director of Advancement Services
Jessica Collins
Database Administrator
Elizet Gonzalez
Information Processing Assistant
Devon Kramer
Prospect Research and Management Analyst
Vestena Stuckey
Information Processing Assistant

Digital Campus Infrastructure

Mimi Lee
Director, Digital Campus Infrastructure
Jonathan Zhang
Application Developer
Olivia Merchen
Email Marketing/CRM Manager
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