The current public health crisis has highlighted the important role that schools play in students’ diets and made increasingly clear how dangerous diet-related diseases can be.  

The Food Ed Coalition, a diverse group of advocates, program leaders, and school community members convened by the Tisch Food Center, continues to support the most vulnerable communities in New York City. Coalition members are providing meals, delivering groceries, communicating about available food assistance, and offering virtual food education.  

Healthy eating has only become harder, but continued support for the Food Ed Coalition priorities can help New York City recover. To ensure that our communities are stronger, safer, and healthier moving forward, the City Council must: 

  • Restore Food Ed Hub funding; 
  • Hire additional school food managers; 
  • Develop a plan to expand the Outdoor Learning Initiative; and 
  • Make existing funding for school wellness more flexible. 

For more information, see the FY 22 Food Ed Coalition Fact Sheet.