Save the Date for the Food Ed Coalition's Day of Action

Join the NYC Food Ed Coalition on April 28th for a virtual Day of Action to support the Food Ed Hub. To help protect NYC's most vulnerable communities, we're asking City Council to restore funding to the Food Ed Hub in FY 2022.

Event Description

Who: Individuals, organizations, and anyone who wants to advocate to fight food insecurity and ensure everyone has access to healthy food and nutrition education.

What: Get City Council's attention by tweeting out your support for the Food Ed Hub using our sample tweets or your own, using the hashtag #FundFoodEdHub

When: All Day, Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Where: Twitter

How You Can Participate

When tweeting, be sure to tag the city council member from you and/or your organization's district, as well as relevant committee chairs.

  • Find your District's Council member here.
  • Don't forget to tag these key policymakers:
    • Corey Johnson, Speaker, NYCC (@NYCSpeakerCoJo)
    • Daniel Dromm, Finance Committee chair, NYCC (@Dromm25)
    • Mark Levine, Health Committee chair, NYCC (@MarkLevineNYC)
    • Mark Treyger, Education Committee chair, NYCC (@MarkTreyger718)

Here are some sample tweets/social images you can adapt or use:

  • NOW is the time to ensure all New Yorkers have access to healthy food. Fight food insecurity and join us in asking City Council to #FundFoodEdHub @NYCSpeakerCoJo @Dromm25  @MarkTreyger718  @MarkLevineNYC  [@YourCouncilMember]
  • The transition back to school will be challenging for kids in NYC. City Council must #FundFoodEdHub to support students so they can learn and thrive. @NYCSpeakerCoJo @Dromm25 @MarkTreyger718 @MarkLevineNYC [@YourCouncilMember]

Food Ed Hub Day of Action

Or create your own:

  • The Food Ed Hub is important to [your organization] because [your reason]. That's why we're calling on City Council to #FundFoodEdHub! @NYCSpeakerCoJo @Dromm25 @MarkTreyger718 @MarkLevineNYC [@YourCouncilMember]

Want to customize your social image? Copy our template and add your own reason for City Council to support the Food Ed Hub! Feel free to reach out to our communications team if you have any questions (Rebecca -, Ally - 

Food Ed Hub Day of Action TEMPLATE


Learn more about the Food Ed Hub and how the Food Ed Coalition has supported children and families during the pandemic here.