Financial Aid Shopping Sheet

Financial Aid Shopping Sheet

Recipients of Veterans Affairs Education Benefits are entitled as per Isakson and Roe Section 1018 to receive a Financial Aid Shopping Sheet every term listing the following items (if applicable):

  • Tuition and Fees / yr
  • Housing and Meals / yr
  • Books and Supplies / yr
  • Transportation / yr
  • Other Education Costs / yr
  • FAFSA Expected Contributions / yr
  • Scholarships / yr
  • Grants / yr
  • VA Education Benefits / term
  • Expected Total Costs for the year
  • Loan Options / yr
  • Work Study / yr

At the start of each Academic Year, the Office of Financial Aid will send to you a request to file a Repackaging Form so they can assess your total aid based on your expected registration status over the academic year.

NOTE: Should your registration expectations change, please request to file a new Repackaging Form so that Financial Aid can do a new review and provide you with an updated Shopping Sheet for the following term.

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