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July 2013

News You Can Use is a quarterly electronic newsletter about Teachers College's research, policy work, international initiatives and leadership in bridging theory and practice.

Research/PublicationsWhere Theory Meets Practice Policy
Robert Carter Howell Wechsler Tisch nutrition conference
Black Americans' Health May be Affected by Perceived Racism Preparing Educators to Think About Health Linking Nutrition Research to Policy
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How Culture Influences Understanding of Learner-Centered Pedagogy
Study Pinpoints Just How Much Exercise Is Good for Mental Health
How to Determine ROI on Education Reform
Building Capacity in Our Leaders and Schools
Wealthy Suburban Children Experience Substance Abuse, Depression and Anxiety at a Higher Rate than Inner-City Kids
Research by TC's Laura Azzarito Highlights Differences in How Young People See Their Own Bodies
Learning that's Real, Even When the Environment Isn't
Recognizing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Children
Eating Smarter: New Directions in Swallowing Research at TC
Debunking the School "Staffing Surge" Study
Engineering Better Playdates: How Robots Can Help Children Learn
Using Schools to Stop School Bullying
Community College Research Round-Up
ViewsMadhabi Chatterji: Gradual Decline in SAT Scores Over Time is No Cause for Alarm
Views TC's Peter Coleman: "Our World is Being 'Gamified'"
Where Theory Meets Practice
Learning From the Rest of the World: The United States in the Global Classroom
Lost in Translation: The Importance of Stories in a Majority Non-White America
A New Program Readies Principals for the Post-Katrina South
An $11 Million Gift by Trustee Abby M. O'Neill Creates a New Program to Support Aspiring Teachers
How Faith Heals: TC's New Program in Spirituality and Psychology
Teachers College Collaborates on Study Guide for YoungArts Master Class Program
PBS Newshour: TC's Chris Emdin Teams with Rap Star GZA to Teach High School Physics
A Summer TESOL Program is Drawing Many Career Changers
ViewsTC's Eric Nadelstern Praises Plan to Close Additional NYC Schools
ViewsTC Alumna Dr. Ruth Talks About - You Guessed It -Sex
ViewsEndorsing the New K-12 Science Standards (Ann Rivet)
ViewsWhy NYC Should Make Diversity a School Choice (Amy Stuart Wells)
ViewsRethinking Literacy in a Digital Age (Ernest Morrell)
ViewsWhy Subject Matter Matters (Anna Neumann)
ViewsTC's Lesley Bartlett Reflects on the Importance of Literacy and the Work Ahead
ViewsTC Student: East Asia Is Becoming a Major Player in Foreign Student Intake
Harnessing Culture to End Health Disparities
A Blueprint for Closing the Gap
Campaign for Educational Equity Reports: 33 High Needs Schools in New York Aren't Getting the Resources They Should
Gordon Commission: Testing Must Improve Teaching and Learning
A Consensus that Poverty Really Does Influence Education Outcomes
ViewsTC's Jeff Henig: Income Gap in Education is "Stubborn"
ViewsTC's Luis Huerta: Doubling Down on Testing is a Failed Wager
ViewsTC's Edmund Gordon: Use of Standardized Testing is "Ineffective, Immoral"

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