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A&H Podcast

Embodied Ways of Learning in Art Museums

Episode 6

On this episode, Filippa Christofalou, Doctoral Student in Art and Art Education, and Louisa Penfold, Post-Doctoral Fellow at Harvard Graduate School of Education talk about embodied ways of learning in museums and other informal spaces of learning.


What Can Baking Teach Us about Teaching and Learning?

Episode 5

On this episode, Patrick Sitzer (EdD, English Ed) and Ty Chiko (Doctoral student in Musical Arts at Arizona State University) have a conversation about how bread baking could be understood as a model for good teaching and engaged learning. As dedicated educators and potential academics, Patrick and Ty consider the ways baking can shape their practice as researchers, students, teachers, family members, and storytellers.


Artistic Mentoring as a Decolonizing Methodology

Episode 4

Art and Art Education alumna, Dr. Kryssi Staikidis is interviewed by Art and Art Education Doctoral student, Carina Maye, about the book—Artistic Mentoring as a Decolonizing Methodology: An Evolving Collaborative Painting Ethnography with Maya Artists Pedro Rafael González Chavajay and Paula Nicho Cúmez. 

COVID-19, Bilingual Education and Black Lives Matter

Episode 3

A conversation between Patricia Martinez-Alvarez, Professor of Bilingual Education and three Teachers (Stephanie Ubiera, Sabrina Poms and Ellieana Lora) about COVID-19, the transition to virtual teaching, addressing Black Lives Matter in the classroom, and centering the experiences of African American and AfroLatinx children in bilingual classrooms.

COVID-19 and Climate Change

Episode 2

Rory Varrato—doctoral candidate in the philosophy and education program in conversation with Rupert Read—Associate professor of philosophy at university of East Anglia share how nonviolent civil disobedience might raise awareness about climate-related existential risks.

Love in the time of COVID

Episode 1

How do we experience love during a pandemic? Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz, Associate Professor of English Education and Shamari Reid (Doctoral Candidate at Teachers College) share their thoughts about love during COVID—from romantic love, familial love, love as dedication to the Black Lives Matter movement and more.

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