A&H Pedagogical Forum

The Arts and Humanities Pedagogical Forum

The A&H Pedagogical Forum offers a space for its faculty (and for TC faculty at large, for that matter) to embrace the complexity of teaching, together taking up questions and issues central to our pedagogical work in the graduate classroom. This year's Forum series focuses on a pressing pedagogical need: how we can best support our international students. Drawing on both student and faculty expertise, this series features five topics delivered through five face-to-face sessions, each followed by an extended discussion online (see attached announcement for details). Adjunct instructors are welcome; please pass on this message.

Past Pedagogical Forums

Session 4

March 5, 2020

Listening to Student Voices: Reflections on Classroom Experience

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A&H Pedagogical Forum Session 4

Session 3

February 5, 2020

Understanding the Writing Process and the Nature of Feedback for International Students.


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A&H Pedagogical Forum Session 3

Session 2

December 11, 2019

Promoting Participation through Creating an Inclusive Classroom Environment


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A&H Pedagogical Forum Session 2
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